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Here Are the Best Window Treatments to Block Heat

Summer can be hot and uncomfortable. One great solution is to cover your windows with a material designed to keep the sun out and the room cool. Save on energy costs and protect your home from the extremes of summer heat with these window treatments.

Horizontal or vertical blinds

Vertical blinds provide effective insulation against hot weather. These heat-blocking window treatments will help you stay cool. The rubberized coating on each individual slat helps them slide easily across the window, ensuring a perfect crisp detail.

Plantation shutters

Installing window shutters reduces the amount of heat that gets into your home—which can add up to big savings during warm weather. In the summer, they help keep your house cooler by keeping out direct sunlight. They’re very reflective, blocking between 82 percent and 88 percent of the heat that comes through the window.

Cellular shades

Cellular shades use a specially designed honeycomb weave to allow light through, but block heat from the summer sun. These shades are perfect for warm weather protection, as well as privacy and light control.



Window drapes are a simple and cost-effective way to help you regulate your indoor temperature during hot and cold weather. Window drapes help in controlling the temperature in your home by stopping sunlight from entering your home during the warm summer months.

Window film

Using window films is another effective way to block out the solar heat that makes your home uncomfortable and expensive to cool. In addition, they help reduce the glare from the sun that makes a bright home uncomfortable to live in.

Upgrade your AC for a cooler, more comfortable home

If your energy bill continues to go up despite your efforts to reduce heat gain in your home, it is high time to have your cooling system checked by a pro. Invest in a professional AC repair Jupiter to keep your home cool and safe during the hot season. Get in touch with the pros now!

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