Best Kegs for Home Brewing to Buy In 2023

The use of kegs is a great way to store homebrew beer.

First of all, it’s very convenient.

Secondly, if you connect an air or glycol cooling system to the barrel, you can be sure that the drink will be stored longer and will not lose its taste qualities.

And finally, by installing kegs, you can pour beer as effectively as they do in modern pubs. This approach will show your guests how seriously you are passionate about the culture of brewing.

You need just to choose a suitable keg model and place it in your bar.

What Size Keg Is Needed for Home Brewing?

Since we are talking about a small bar, the best option would be corny kegs. These are small barrels of cylindrical shape, which are in high demand among home brewers

The top 5 advantages of these barrels:

  1. The simple and reliable design of the keg makes it a versatile choice for beginners.
  2. All capacitances are compact enough: you can install 15, 17, and 24.75-inch kegs.
  3. Depending on the size you choose, barrels can hold from 2,378 to 10 gallons of beverage. The most popular is 5 gallon keg (19 liters), which covers almost all the needs of home brewing. The size of the barrel allows it to be placed even in bars with limited space: height – 532 mm, diameter – 233 mm.
  4. Light weight, making barrels easy to move.
  5. The presence of a special safety valve facilitates maintenance – cleaning the barrel from dirt.

Of course, these kegs are not suitable for commercial purposes. Large breweries and large bars use barrels with a capacity of 15.5 gallons/58.67 liters of beer.

How to Choose the Right Keg for Home Brewing?

Not sure which keg model to choose for your home bar?

Contact Beverage Craft – the company specializes in beer equipment and will help you to choose quality equipment at an affordable price that will meet all the needs of your production.

So, the range of the brand has both the most popular 5 gallon keg and other options of corny kegs and accessories.

Choose Beverage Craft products – and you will be able to conveniently store beer for a long time!

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