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Lately, it seems like everyone has been talking about infrared saunas. From health and wellness gurus to casual fitness enthusiasts, countless Americans have already discovered the health benefits of regular sauna use and had them installed in their homes. There’s no need to rush into taking this crucial step, though. First, read on to find out about how to choose the best home infrared sauna.

How to Evaluate Claims from Sauna Manufacturers

People are often skeptical about infrared saunas because they have heard claims from manufacturers that sound too good to be true. The problem is that sometimes, they are. The only way to evaluate claims regarding things like EMF radiation, light wavelengths, and other technical specifications is to get an objective, third-party review. Check out the official page for the Infrared Sauna Expert to get started.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Infrared Sauna

No one Audacia sauna will be the best fit for every buyer, although there are certainly some that stand out from the crowd. Some people have plenty of space for a large indoor sauna, while others can fit only a single or two-person model in their homes. In addition, every homeowner also has a different budget. However, there are some factors that everyone should consider.

EMF Levels

All infrared saunas convert electricity into infrared light using electromagnetic fields (EMF). Unfortunately, EMFs can create unnecessary stress on the body. Finding a sauna that gets hot enough and generates the right wavelengths of light with minimal EMF emissions is a must.

Quality Materials

Cheap sauna manufacturers use low-quality materials to keep costs low with little thought to the impact they will have on their customers’ health. Be on the lookout for synthetic glues, as they can off-gas toxic odors when exposed to heat. A surprising number of IR sauna manufacturers also use plywood instead of natural wood, which can negatively impact sauna longevity and create additional health concerns.

Size and Heat

Some people assume bigger is always better, but that’s not the case. Larger saunas take longer to heat up, cost more to run, and require a greater initial investment. Choose a sauna that is big enough to accommodate everyone using it, but no bigger, and find out what kind of heater it uses. Some heaters target key areas like the knees and neck, while others hit the body from all sides.

The Best Saunas for 2023

Given all of the factors described above, two sauna brands stand out from the crowd. Homeowners who want to install infrared saunas in 2023 can trust both Radiant Health and Clearlight Infrared Saunas. Both of these companies manufacture high-quality, low-EMF saunas made from durable and aesthetically appealing materials. They also back up the validity of any claims with industry-leading warranties.

Trust the Experts

Smart consumers know that they shouldn’t just take any company at its word. They do their research and find third-party reviews from experts that have experience with many products in the same field. That’s just what it takes to find the best home infrared sauna, and brands like Finnmark Saunas understand the importance of providing reliable information to empower their customers in making informed choices.

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