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Why Has Your Bean Bag Gone Flat & How to Fix It?

Is your favorite beanbag looking more flat than fabulous?

It happens to the strongest of them, but fortunately, it can be fixed.

Find out below why your beanbag has lost its plump. Plus, how you can restore it to its former glory quickly and with minimal effort.

Why has my beanbag gone flat?

If you have had your beanbag for a long time and you use it often, the chances are that it will have gone a bit flat over the years. Your once fluffy and round beanbag is now about half the size and not nearly as comfortable.

Before you resign yourself to throwing it away and buying a new one, you should know that this is completely normal. The majority of beanbags and beanbag furniture are stuffed with beads that are made of expanded polystyrene. These beads have lots of pockets of air inside them, and the more you use your beanbag, the more compressed these beads become.

It is this natural compression that makes your beanbag appear flat after repeated use.

How can I make my flat beanbag appear full again?

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can make your flat beanbag look and feel full again.

Firstly, you can try fluffing up the beans inside. To do this, simply unzip the cover, hold it so the opening is facing upwards and give it a firm shake for between two to five minutes. This will help the beans to regain some of their fluffiness and make your beanbag appear fuller.

If you are still not happy with the look of your beanbag once you have tried this, then the next step is to add some additional beads to your bag. Bean bag filler is cheap, easy to get hold of, and can be added to your beanbag with ease.

There are several different types of bean bag filler that you can choose from, including:

  • All-natural fillers such as beans and rice, although these are more expensive and will make your beanbag very heavy.
  • Shredded foam. Some beanbags are filled with shredded foam or foam blocks, but you should know that these are not that supportive.
  • Recycled EPS pellets. An eco-friendly option, EPS pellets do have a slightly shorter lifespan than other types of beans for beanbags.
  • Virgin EPS beads. These are one of the most popular types of beanbag filler as they are both dense and resilient.

How to refill your beanbag

Once you have chosen the filling for your beanbag, all that is left to do is put them in.

This process starts in much the same way as when you are fluffing your beanbag but you may want to get someone to hold the beanbag for you while you add the beans.

Make sure that you slowly pour them in as otherwise, things could get messy. You want your beanbag to feel firm but with a little bit of resistance. If you add too many beads or pellets and your bag becomes solid, it is more likely to rip when you sit on it.


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