Amazing Relaxation: 5 Types of Body Massage You Need to Know About

What do you do when your body needs healing and relaxation? Fatigue and other conditions can cause excessive discomfort, but with the right body massage, you can change the situation in a short time.

A body massage involves the manipulation of the muscles and tissues using various techniques. The main types of body massage involve applying pressure and rubbing the tissues. They also involve techniques like stroking and heat.

The main benefits of various types of massage therapy include the easing of pain in joints and muscles, releasing tension, decreasing the effects of migraines and headaches, and managing blood pressure and other illnesses.

Read on to know the five massage types that give you relaxation.

1. Swedish Massage Therapy

This massage is the most used therapy, and it is also called the Classic Massage in countries that do not speak English or Dutch.

Swedish massage therapy involves five strokes:

  • Vibration/shaking
  • Tapotement/rhythmic tapping 
  • Friction
  • Effleurage/Sliding
  • Gliding

These five strokes can relieve anything from muscle tension to intense pain.

2. Hot Stone Massage Therapy

This therapy is one of the best body massage types because of its effectiveness.

Although it is much similar to the Swedish massage, the therapist uses heated stones. In some instances, cold stones can be used or a combination of both.

 The stones are placed on various body parts that are affected by strain or pain. It is a therapy that takes about 90 minutes and can relieve more muscle tension than any other type.

3. Aromatherapy Massage Therapy

With aromatherapy massage therapy, the focus is on emotional healing. That is why it boosts moods, relieves stress, eliminates the symptoms of depression, and leads to overall relaxation.

Essential oils are a major part of this therapy, although some techniques that are used in all types of body massage can be included. The therapist uses soft therapy pressure to work on all parts of the body.

You’ll need massage tables for this therapy.

4. Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofascial is rudimentary massage therapy, and so, it is easy for someone to do it without any help. It focuses on breaking down the facial muscles to release strain.

Although it is easy to do it yourself, it is always advisable to contact a professional therapist for the best results.

5. Deep Tissue Massage

This therapeutic massage therapy focuses on muscle knots located in the deep areas of the tissues.

With deep tissue massage, one can ease chronic pains, especially those that affect the areas that attach the tissues to the inner parts of the body. It is an effective way to apply friction to those areas to trigger a reaction that leads to fewer problems.

Other Types of Body Massage

Many other types of body massage can help you achieve various goals. For instance, medical massages are common in hospitals and care homes. People also use Shiatsu and Thai massages.

In a world where chronic diseases are becoming uncontrollable and lifestyles are weighing people down, you need to take good care of your body. Our website has more articles that will help you choose the best type of body massage. Keep reading them to learn.

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