Choosing the Right Toys and Games for the Right Age

Selecting suitable toys at the right age is so important. It helps in keeping them engaged and also provides safety. The world of toys is so vast and overwhelming and choosing the right one with age provides happiness to the kids. Further, you can shop for toys online depending on the age. Playing is so crucial in meeting the incredible milestone in the development of children. It provides emotional and physical development in children.

Likewise, by choosing suitable toys at the right age, parents can stimulate the brain’s reactions. It helps in building future intelligence in kids.

Let us help you with some tips to consider while selecting suitable toys for the right age when you shop toys online.

1. For children under six months

Infants love playing with toys without any thought in the world. They love everything colorful around them. Do toys online shopping as it is filled with cute little toys for infants. 

  • Bright color mobiles while stimulating vision
  • Crystal colored mirrors to explore various faces of babies
  • Teethers and rattles for introducing babies to the new textures
  • Board books to help them with beginning language development.

2. Children from 6 to 12 months

At this time, it’s crucial to focus kids on interactive play for developing their brains. Besides, some games like “peek a boo” or “pat a cake” helps kids discover the wonders of the world. There are various toys for widening the learning in kids:

  • Musical toys that make noises and sounds
  • Baby gyms and movement activities to help them crawl
  • Bouncers for stimulating physical play. You can shop for toys online like the bouncers at affordable rates. 
  • Play telephones to encourage communication through mimicking
  • Stuffed animals and soft toys for everyone who loves to cuddle
  • Soft blocks and wooden blocks for stacking and dumping games

3. Children 12 to 18 months

At this time, children start walking their first steps. Secondly, the toys should support on child’s curiosity while supporting their walking development. So, consider the following types when you shop toys online:

  • Safety strikes and swing sets to encourage physical development and activity. 
  • Playing with building blocks 
  • Cup sorters and nesting cups for improving eye coordination. It also helps them in solving life problems.
  • Picture and storybooks for vocabulary development
  • Appropriate music and video for toddlers

4. Children under 18 to 24 months

Kids are around one and a half years old by this time, and they start imagination in their lives. Moreover, this kind of play helps in problem-solving strategies. The toys supporting at this age are exposure to colors and shapes. The toys must be able to follow instructions and language. The crucial element to remember while you shop toys online is that kids will be getting hands-on play.

  • Dress up and costumes for imitating their favorite artists
  • Push and pull toys as children start walking by this age
  • Small and easy puzzles in their everyday lives
  • Playhouses and scaled-down objects so that the children can see the world of mimic around them.
  • Swing sets for developing their skills

5. Children between 24 to 36 months

By two years, children start motor coordination even though they don’t realize it at first. Similarly, kids can start playing board games by this time. Many children start playing with other children around this age. The toys are more structured than all other previous toys.

  • Simple board games for developing the memory
  • Many outdoor games like bicycle seats, swing sets, etc.
  • Playing with beginner musical instruments
  • Sandboxes and playhouses
  • Dolls
  • Trains and car sets
  • Dress up and costumes
  • Art sets
  • Storybooks for vocabulary building
  • Videos of numbers and alphabets to the kids

Do toys online shopping to get all the toys you are desiring. To put in positive traits in kids, parents should teach playing of right toys. This helps them in achieving their academic goals and become brighter in life.

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