Adventure Alternatives For The Well-traveled Soul

Sure, staying cozy by the fire or cuddling up with your significant other during this Christmas time is something you’d never want to miss out on. Still, the Holiday season is also the perfect opportunity to explore and see the world; something equally fun but loads more exciting and spontaneous.

However, we also won’t deny that it’s much safer for everyone to stay at home and keep their travels for another time because there will be many more opportunities to come. But, this goes out to all the well-traveled souls tirelessly itching to get out and explore — it’s possible.

Travel Is Changing

Traveling has changed significantly, and it will continue to do so as the world starts to evolve and adapt to the new normal brought on by the pandemic. So, don’t expect as many international travels like they used to because there are restrictions and limitations in place for the safety and general welfare of everyone.

And, instead of giving up on travel entirely, we’d like to introduce you to some adventure alternatives that are guaranteed to satisfy your travel cravings and provide just as much excitement. With a bit of heart and effort put into it, it can be just as memorable of an experience as any other adventure.

#1 The Long Haul Road Trip

Ditch the airline travels because now’s the chance for road trips to shine, and if you want to go all-out exploring, a long haul road trip is the perfect travel alternative for this holiday season. Unlike going to an airport, packing your things and getting the car ready doesn’t require you to stand in lines and get checked in, which exposes you to a lot of people. And, so as long as you have the necessary documents ready, you won’t have any trouble traveling from country to country in your trusty car.

  • Hiking and Trails: When going for the long haul, a great destination would be looking for uncommon hiking spots and trails that you and a couple of friends can experience. Nothing beats taking in that breath of fresh air and making beautiful memories in the heart of the wilderness. Plus, it’s also a great way to get those couch potatoes on their feet and pump them up.
  • Embrace The Winter Season: If trekking isn’t much of your style, we suggest traveling all the way up north for some salmon fishing trips in Alaska and embracing the Winter season for all it’s worth. From bountiful catches to snowy vistas, there’s nothing quite like an adventure going up north, and if you time it right, you’re pretty safe too!

#2 Cross Country Travel

You don’t need to get out of the country to have fun; in fact, we spend so much time looking far out that we forget there’s plenty of places to explore right back at home. If you don’t want to trouble yourself with restrictions, limitations, and different degrees of guidelines for travelers, we suggest going cross-country and squeezing every bit of beauty you can from all fifty states. You’ll be surprised to find out that even a two-week getaway would barely scratch the surface of all there is to see.

  • Take in the Scenic Views: From national parks to iconic landmarks, every destination has a scenic view for you to take in and immortalize in memory and photo. So, immerse yourself in every environment and don’t forget to bring along a camera to capture every beautiful moment you spend with family and friends. Also, don’t forget the standard protective equipment like masks and face shields to stay safe.
  • Go Rent an RV: If you’re talking domestic travel, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of trying the RV lifestyle. It’s a great way of changing up the pace and dynamic of your life, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to pack anything. Plus, you could fit your whole family inside; just remember not to go overboard on the invites.

#3 Or, Have Fun at Home!

Finally, if none of the previous alternatives enticed you like international travel would, there’s nothing wrong with staying at home and bringing the fun right to your house. Sure, you won’t be adding extra stamps to your passport or putting in new photos to your travel album, but you can rest assured knowing you’re safe and will have plenty of time to save for your next travel.

You could also take this chance to plan and anticipate the next opportunity when places open up. You might even find it just as thrilling to prepare your itinerary and outline of destinations to reach. Just take it from us when we say everything will get better and try your best not to sweat about the little things.

Travel Will Come Back

Yes, things aren’t like they used to, but traveling will come back soon enough, and you will feel even more satisfied and ecstatic for the delayed gratification. For now, give any of these alternatives a chance, and you might even find it more fun with the extra challenges.

Cheryl Henson

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