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9 Simple And Reliable Strategies To Be Safe On Instagram

Do you frequently use Instagram? Social media is fantastic for connecting with friends around the world and staying current, but it can also be challenging to use properly. It might be challenging to remain on top of all the most recent strategies to be safe on Instagram with all of these available tips, tactics, and tools. Do not worry! We’re here to ensure that your time on Instagram is as safe and pleasurable as possible. We’ll outline quick yet effective techniques in this lengthy blog post tutorial that you may use right away to keep yourself secure on Instagram. After reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding of how data sharing works online, what kind of security measures Instagram has in place, and most importantly—the steps necessary to keep your account safe from potential hacking attempts or other risks while browsing through feed posts or live-streams.

1. Don’t Share Your Personal Information

Never sharing any personal information is one of the most essential ways to be secure on Instagram. Your home address, phone number, bank information, credit card numbers, and passwords are all examples of this. Additionally, even if you believe you know another person in real life, you should exercise caution while contacting them on Instagram and stay away from sharing pictures that reveal too much about your identity or whereabouts. The best course of action is to keep your personal information secret because disclosing it leaves you open to identity theft and other criminal activity.

2. Set Up Secure Login Credentials

It’s crucial to choose a strong password to protect your Instagram account. You should pick a strong password that is difficult to guess yet easy to remember. Additionally, avoid using the same password on several sites, and keep your login information private. Another effective approach to prevent account theft or hacking is to use two-factor authentication (2FA). Every time someone attempts to log into your account while 2FA is enabled, you’ll also receive a separate code in addition to the one produced by the app, preventing illegal access. Additionally, the code may be delivered to your phone or email, so it is wise to keep those accounts safe as well. Furthermore, the stormlikes website suggests regularly updating your Instagram profile and email address to increase account security.

3. Be Careful with Third-Party Apps

3rd party apps

It’s crucial to be mindful of the kind of third-party websites and applications you access through your Instagram account. Never disclose your bank account information or extra credentials that certain rogue software may seek, such as passwords. Check the app’s permissions as well before allowing access; if an app asks for too much access (like complete account management), it’s usually better to stay away from it. The same principle also applies to websites; before providing any personal information, double-check the website’s URL and conduct research on its validity.

4. Be Wary of Links & Messages

Even if the link comes from someone you trust, you should always proceed with caution when clicking on other people’s links. Before clicking, be sure their message and the URL they provided you are authentic. Additionally, if a message asks for sensitive information, proceed with caution (e.g., passwords or financial details). Last but not least, never click on strange links in emails from unknown senders since they might take you to a website or program that is harmful. Delete them immediately!

5. Check Your Privacy Settings

To keep your information secure and private, you may change Instagram’s privacy settings. For instance, you may restrict who can see your posts and stories by turning your account settings to “Private” if you’re worried about someone viewing your profile. Additionally, there are options for restricting the appearance of tagged photographs, concealing direct messages from strangers, etc. It is crucial to routinely evaluate these settings and make sure they are changed as necessary. Additionally, you can decide not to share your data with unaffiliated applications.

6. Be Wary of Viruses and Malware


When it comes to using social media, viruses, spyware, and other harmful software may all be potentially dangerous. Don’t click on any questionable links you come across! It might distribute malware or point to another page where you are prompted to submit personally identifiable data like your bank account or credit card number. Additionally, never open files sent to you over Instagram messages from individuals you don’t know since they can be infected with malware or viruses.

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7. Be Wary of Unknown Followers

Be wary if you suddenly find yourself having a high number of followers. These unidentified accounts may be automated systems or con artists attempting to access your data. If they are sending you strange messages or links, it is advised to stay away from them and use the block option. Additionally, be sure to double-check your security settings if you notice a significant increase in followers. Furthermore, the same holds true if you receive a lot of likes.

8. Turn Off Location Services When You’re Not Using Them

Turning off location services while not in use is always a smart idea because your location is a wonderful signal for potential hackers. You can simply disable this using the Instagram settings or by going into the privacy settings on your phone and manually turning it off. The best method to safeguard yourself against any potential security risks is to do this. Moreover, it is advised that you disable location services before you start taking pictures for your Instagram feed while you are out and about.

9. Check Who Can See Your Posts

see your posts

Keep in mind who has access to your postings and what they might be used for. By clicking the “Options” button inside a specific post and choosing “Edit Privacy Settings,” you may choose who sees each post. There, you will have the option to select between several viewing settings like permitting only specific persons or public access. It’s imperative that you periodically evaluate these settings because each modification will impact how visible your articles are.


In conclusion, the measures discussed above are simple to use but crucial for making sure that your time on Instagram is secure. The next time you want to use Instagram to communicate with friends and family, follow these simple instructions.

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