5 Ways You Can Be More Sustainable in Your Garden

When you want to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly garden, it can be hard to know where to start. There can be a lot of information floating around, and not all of it may be relevant or necessary to you and your garden. Having a starting point and an action plan will help you choose what you want to do in your garden to be more sustainable.

Make Your Own Compost

Whether you have borders in your garden or you are a fan of raised beds and pots, you will use a lot of compost. A lot of store-bought compost can contain peat, and it can be produced in a manner that is not environmentally friendly. An alternative to store-bought compost is to make your own. This can be done simply and cheaply, whether in a wooden composting structure or a plastic bin. Homemade compost can be made with kitchen scraps, grass cuttings, and other organic materials.

Consider the Products You Use

When you start to make your own products to use in the garden, such as compost, you increase your overall awareness. You start to think about other products you use and feature in your garden. When you consider all the products you use in your garden, you can make sustainability easy and a way of life. Looking at all areas of your garden is important, and as such, you need to look at all the products used and featured in your garden. For example, instead of using wooden gates that will rot, why not look at installing sustainable garden gates that will last for years and be low maintenance? Also, start looking at any weedkillers or chemicals you currently use. Are these sustainable, and are they good for the environment? Products that eliminate weeds are often convenient, but they are often not sustainable or environmentally friendly.

Recycle and Reuse Where You Can

When something gets broken in your garden, the temptation to throw it in the trash is always there. However, if possible, try and reuse or recycle what you can. For example, use old plastic pots to germinate and grow new plants and flowers. Or why not recycle broken ceramic plant pots to create beautiful mosaics? To successfully recycle and reuse, always try and see how you can give something a new lease of life.

Conserve and Save Water

No matter where you live, you will find that there are times when water is in short supply. To be more sustainable, you need to think about when you water plants and lawns. You also need to think about catching and conserving any water that you can. This may mean installing a rain-catching system on the side of your house, or it may mean having water storage units carefully placed around your garden.

Plant Trees and Shrubs for Pollinators

How much wildlife and nature are you attracting to your garden now? One way you can be more sustainable in your garden is to add trees and shrubs that pollinators love. When you have these pollinator-friendly plants, you will see a difference in how your garden looks (and how it feels). Pollinators will keep plants and trees looking fabulous for even longer, so consider planting more shrubs, plants, and trees if you have the space.

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