5 Tips to Save Money at the Hair Salon

A trip to the hair salon can feel like therapy. Even a slight change in hair length or color can make you feel like a brand-new person. You leave feeling lighter, fresher, and more confident.

But while salon visits are enjoyable and relaxing, they can get expensive. To continue providing a comfortable atmosphere with professional staff, salons sometimes need to increase prices. You don’t want to trust an amateur with your hair, but top-notch professionals may be beyond your budget.

Fortunately, there are ways to get the style you want at a price you can afford. That’s good news, because even if your savings aren’t growing much, your hair still is. Read on to discover five tips that can help you manage your hair without going broke.

1. Focus on Your Hair Health

Your scalp and hair need nourishment if you want your tresses to become longer, thicker, and shinier. Along with pumping protein into your diet, you can also infuse it directly through your scalp. Hair growth masks nurture hair follicles with natural vitamins, minerals, and proteins, which promote hair growth. Such masks take only 10 minutes to revive dull, brittle hair and make it softer and more manageable.

Massaging the scalp with natural oils like coconut and rosemary is a mainstay of hair health in some South Asian countries. The massage stimulates the scalp to improve blood circulation and ensure the oil reaches the roots. You can give yourself a scalp massage or get a friend or partner to do it for you. A quick but regular oiling routine is a DIY trick that can save you from spending on expensive protein treatments at the salon.

2. Learn the Tricks of the Trade

The pandemic taught the world a lot of things — and being self-sufficient was one of them. During the lockdown, many people experimented with their hair and discovered hair maintenance wasn’t as difficult as it seemed. With the right tutorials and hair-cutting tools, you can ace jobs like simple trims. You’ll save yourself both time and money, not to mention gain instant popularity among your equally frugal friends.

Most salon cuts begin with a shampoo and end with a blow dry. If you can do both these activities at home, you will knock off a good chunk from the total bill. Many salons offer a blast dry, which dries your hair without styling. In contrast to a blow dry, this service is typically free of charge and is convenient if you’re going straight home. Be aware of how much you are being charged for each service and then select the ones that suit you best.

3. Choose Your Hairstyle With Your Budget in Mind

When choosing a hairstyle, you’ll likely need to experiment to find what length and cut suits your face shape. Just keep in mind that a complicated cut, like layers, will need to be maintained by regular trimming. If possible, learn how to trim the ends yourself at home. Otherwise, investigate further to find a low-maintenance haircut that works for you.

Your hair is constantly growing, and if you color it, the roots may need to be touched up every few weeks. To reduce your salon visits, avoid harsh contrasts and go instead with a color that blends with your natural shade. Keep in mind that washing your colored hair will, as with all dyes, cause the color to fade over time. However, using dry or sulfate-free shampoos may slow down the fading process.

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4. Learn to Say No

Many salon stylists are covert sales professionals who get a commission for the products they sell to customers. They do offer good advice, but if they make product recommendations, think before you buy. It’s best to note down the name of the product and research it further at home. If it seems like a good solution for your particular hair issues, purchase it with a coupon or when it goes on sale. Don’t feel pressured to buy immediately.

You may also be offered additional services, such as an eyebrow wax or  deep conditioning treatment. No matter how tempting various add-on services are, stick to your budget. Salon staff may suggest upgrades, but don’t succumb to these sales pitches. Tell your stylist that you’ll think about it and schedule another appointment if needed. Stay polite but firm.

5. Find Deals

You might want to occasionally splurge at a fancy salon for a trending cut or a drastic change in style. However, less expensive places are fine for regular maintenance jobs like trimming ends and touching up roots. Many beauty schools and training institutes offer services for reduced rates. Even upscale places may give you a deal if you schedule an appointment with a trainee stylist.

Do your research on local salons. Read online reviews and get recommendations from others to ensure their services offer good value for the price. When booking an appointment, ask whether they have discounts for off-peak times or days. You can also inquire about their loyalty program or seasonal promotions, which can save you money over time.

6. Being Style Smart

Saving money at the salon doesn’t have to mean compromising on style or quality. Start with improving your hair care routine, as periodic visits to the salon can’t undo the damage if you neglect your hair’s health. Tackle the maintenance tasks you can and choose a style that suits both your hair type and your wallet. Opting for a low-maintenance hair regimen will save you time, money, and stress.

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