5 Tips for Getting Ready for Surgery

You should do a lot when you’re getting ready for surgery. You want to get used to your physician and meet with the team carrying out the surgery before the actual date. You should also know the kind of anesthesia used in the surgery.

If you are having PRK surgery, you should also learn how to speed up PRK surgery recovery time and get back to your normal life. Here we show you what you should do to get ready for surgery.

1 – Be in the best state of mind and body

It is always important that you are in the best state of health when going for surgery. Be in your best physical shape before the surgery. For instance, if you are not used to regular exercise, you can go for yoga or stretch your body.

Exercise and yoga will stretch your arms, improve your core and legs, and give you the strength for your recovery. Once the surgery is complete, you should ensure you get enough sleep and eat well to recover fast.

2 – Learn about the surgery

It is also important to familiarize yourself with the surgery. When you know what you’ll be going through, you can prepare yourself mentally for anything. You can ask your physician and surgeon to explain the surgery’s risks and expected outcomes.

Sometimes you can also research the surgery you’ll be undergoing from reliable sources. Ensure the information you get is from accurate sources. Always close the information gap and ensure you know as much as possible before the surgery date.

3 – Talk about your diet

You can ask about your diet when your surgery is scheduled on a specific date. Ask whether you should change your diet in the days before the surgery. For some types of surgery, you have to fast or take liquid bowel prep; for others, you must adjust your diet.

Most surgeries that involve weight loss, the bowels, or the gallbladder will require a change in your diet before and after the surgery. Therefore, you should ask your surgeon about the food you should take when you get ready for the surgery.

4 – Plan for your medication

You can relieve some of your stress before the surgery by knowing the type of medication you’ll be taking.

Therefore, you should ask your surgeon or the prescribing doctor about the medications you need after surgery. Ask your doctor if they can call ahead for home health equipment or prescriptions. You should also ask your physician how to speed up PRK surgery recovery time.

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5 – Prepare your home

Before you go for the surgery, you should get your home ready for your return. In most cases, you may not know what shape you’ll be in when you’re back home.

Sometimes you may need to hire a social worker to prepare your meals and help you with some duties at home.

Final Thoughts

When getting ready for surgery, the most important thing to do is research the surgery. Ask your doctors as many questions as you can, and ensure you are mentally and physically ready for the surgery before you walk into the theatre.

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