Worst Toothache Ever? 5 Tooth Abscess Symptoms You Can’t Ignore

Good dental hygiene can prevent a lot of the problems people experience with their teeth. One of these is tooth decay which is the most prevalent chronic disease in both children and adults.

You should never ignore any signs that something might not be right with your teeth. A bad toothache might be the result of an infection and should be taken seriously.

When you have an abscessed tooth, that’s a bacterial infection that leads to an accumulation of pus inside the teeth or gums.

A tooth abscess can be incredibly painful and the worst toothache you’ve ever experienced. Keep reading to learn these five tooth abscess symptoms to help you assess what’s going on in your mouth.

1. Not Feeling Well

You might wonder, “Can toothaches spread?” When you have a nagging toothache, it might result in pain in your ear and jawbone, and give you a nagging headache as well.

You may experience the fatigue you feel when you’re coming down with something. Pain and infection may also interfere with your inner ear causing you to feel dizzy.

2. Puffy Gums

When you have a tooth abscess spreading through your mouth, you may notice red and swollen gums. You may need to see an endodontist to have the abscessed tooth extracted to drain the infection.

3. Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

Have your teeth suddenly become sensitive to hot and cold? This, in combination with a toothache, may indicate that you have an abscess. When the infection develops around the root of the tooth, you’ll experience sensitivity to hot and cold.

4. Swollen Lymph Nodes

One of the signs of a spreading tooth abscess is swollen lymph nodes. This happens when your body is trying to fight off an infection or illness.

When you experience this type of swelling, you should get in to see your dentist as soon as possible. You can’t take the risk of the swelling compromising your airway.

5. Fever

Your body’s natural response to infection-causing bacteria is to create a hostile environment by raising your body temperature. This is how a fever develops in your body’s attempt at killing off invaders.

Visit your dentist regularly to prevent dental issues like abscesses, tooth decay, and cavities.

What are cavities and how do you prevent them? Learn more about what causes cavities and the risk factors associated with this common health problem.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Abscess Symptoms?

Now that you know these five tooth abscess symptoms, are you thinking that you might be suffering from an abscess? If so, don’t put off seeking treatment for your bad toothache. It will not get better on its own and the infection could spread to other parts of the body. See your dentist or an endodontist for a treatment plan.

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