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What’s the Difference Between A Sunroom and A Solarium

Nowadays, homeowners are making improvements to their lifestyle and their home’s interior so that they can reap the benefits in the future. The high sunroom and solarium installation Mississauga demand make homeowners invest in them and enhance the value of their property. It is easy to get confused by the two terms: Sunroom and Solarium. They share some similarities, but they also differ from each other. Moreover, both are unique in their place. Whatever option you choose depends on your taste and preference.

Sunroom vs. Solarium: The Difference

The terms Sunroom and Solarium are often used interchangeably. But, they do have differences in one way or another. For example, if you wish you had some extra living space, you should consider expanding your existing home instead of searching for a new house. However, when deciding on what sort of expansion you would like to have, you might get confused between sunroom and Solarium. Whichever option you choose should depend on your purpose to use the space.

What is Sunroom?

A sunroom is a room with large windows to allow natural light to shine in. It can also be a recreation area usually converted into a porch. The purpose of designing a Sunroom or Solarium makes the difference between both. Sunrooms differ from solariums in that they are simply rooms with large windows, not structures that are made of glass.

What is Solarium?

A solarium also refers to a room with glass windows. But, sometimes, it also has an insulated glass room that allows much sunlight. A solarium is precisely designed to be an area for recreation, i.e., a place where people can go to relax and enjoy the sun on cold days.

Sunroom vs. Solarium: Which one to choose?

Although similar, sunrooms and solariums are two different builds. None of the two is superior. It is merely based on your taste and needs. So, what are the significant difference between the two?

sunrooms and solariums

  • The purpose of installing the room. A sunroom and Solarium will serve you the much-wished extra room. A solarium installation in Mississauga comes with glass walls and a roof and is often referred to as a conservatory or a glasshouse. The only objective of installing glass walls and roofs is to let in the maximum natural light while protecting the indoor space from outdoor elements. A solarium is a perfect option if you want to create a greenhouse where you can grow plants. A sunroom also consists of huge glass windows, but it is not entirely constructed of glass like a solarium. A sunroom lets you relax and take in the beauty of nature while feeling like you are outside. Many sunrooms are installed with doors leading to the outside or onto a customized patio or porch. However, it allows you easy access to get outdoors. If you already have a sunroom, you can use it all year long by opting for sunroom repair Mississauga services to install HVAC systems, vinyl wall systems, and regular maintenance.
  • Benefits and drawbacks of Solarium. A solarium allows you to enjoy a free-spirited view of the surrounding nature, even the sky! Picturize being able to experience a strom from every angle while still safe inside the room. On the negative side, a solarium needs periodic cleaning since it is constructed from glass. The solarium glass roof can easily be stained by bird droppings, tree sap from nearby trees, pollen, etc. Besides, if you want to prevent consistent sunlight from getting through, you need to invest additional charges in custom blinds to cover the glass roof and walls. To make your solarium energy efficient, you need to have an insulated roof.
  • Benefits and drawbacks of a sunroom. Sunrooms can be used throughout the year if properly designed with a thermo-insulated strong roof. The sunroom windows are completely functional and can be furnished with screens. Like, some homeowners love to have retractable screens. Sunrooms offer privacy with a lovely natural feel to relax in a closed-off space and are easy to clean and maintain. Unfortunately, do not expect to view the beauty of night since it doesn’t offer the wide sky-view like the glass roof of the Solarium.
  • Expense. Solariums’ design costs more than sunrooms. Moreover, they call for more maintenance. Besides, stay notified that the cost of glass can significantly add up. Sunrooms, on the contrary, offer a good return on investment and come with higher warranties.

Wrapping Up

Now you might be all set to decide to transform your home based on your taste and wish. Both Sunroom and Solarium come with benefits and drawbacks. However, make informed-decision when transforming your house into a spacious and stunning space. The gorgeous glass structure with both will enhance the look of your space.

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