Why You Need To Hire A Headhunter

Headhunters are often talked about in terms of being professional networkers, but their real value comes from leveraging their existing relationships with hiring managers to open doors that might otherwise be closed. The key distinction here is that they are acting as an intermediary, not as a candidate. They are taking the time to understand your needs and then forming relationships that will pay dividends down the road.

1. Supply Chain Headhunters Don’t Have A Personal Interest In The Candidate

The most important thing to remember when looking for a headhunter or recruiter is that their interests lie with you. You have a job that needs to be filled and they have the ability to deliver you qualified candidates. Of course, experienced headhunters can add value by also building their own network of candidates, but there is no conflict of interest when hiring a recruiter.

2. Supply Chain Headhunters Have Access To More Candidates

The second main reason to hire a headhunter or recruiter is that they have access to more candidates than you do. When your time and energy are limited and you’re looking for a new employee, it’s important to leverage as much of the market as possible.

3. Supply Chain Headhunters Know Who You Should Be Talking To

Because supply chain professionals typically work in smaller pockets of the market, it can be hard to get a big picture view without help. Headhunters typically have experience working with many different types of companies and managers, giving them insight into who is hiring and who might be looking for new opportunities.

4. Supply Chain Headhunters Have Experience With The Hiring Process

Supply chain recruiters and headhunters know what companies expect from new employees. Their experience with the hiring process means that they can help guide you through your expectations and how to work with a new hire on an ongoing basis.

5. Supply Chain Headhunters Have Experience Working With Recruiters And Other Agencies

Headhunters typically have an entire team dedicated to helping them find and place candidates, but they also work with companies who don’t have their own internal teams. By working closely with other recruiters and agencies, supply chain headhunters can help ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

6. Supply Chain Headhunters Can Shorten Your Search Time

When you have a good headhunter on your team, the search for a new employee can be shortened considerably. They have an extensive network of candidates and can help put together a targeted list in very little time. Their relationships with hiring managers allow them to quickly discover who is available and ready to make a move.

7. Supply Chain Headhunters Are More Likely To Recommend Marginal Candidates

When you hire a supply chain headhunter or recruiter, they are going to be making the decision of who is “qualified” for your open role. Inexperienced recruiters will typically pass on candidates that aren’t perfect fits, but headhunters know how to find value where others might not look.

The easiest way to find top talent is to look for people who are already succeeding in your company. When you hire a headhunter, they can use their existing relationships to screen candidates and get them through the door for interviews.

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