What to Do Immediately After a Motorcycle Crash

Do you want to know what to do if you crash your motorcycle?

Motorcycles are one of the most rewarding machines you can drive because they’re fast, fun, fuel-efficient, and economical. Plus, they provide freedom and let you slip away from the day to day grind when you need a mental boost.

Unfortunately, driving a motorcycle also brings risk. While many crashes aren’t the driver’s fault, sometimes the driver is at fault. Knowing what to do after a motorcycle crash can help you reach favorable resolutions.

Keep reading to find out what to do if you crash your motorcycle.

Contact the Police

The first thing one should do immediately after a motorcycle crash is contact the police. Make sure to provide your exact location and cooperate fully with the officers when they arrive. While waiting for them, it’s important to keep yourself safe, either by remaining at the crash site, or, if possible, moving away from the roadway and to the side of the road.

Now is also an important time to take photographs of the scene, as well as your injuries, and the damage done to the motorcycle. This is good evidence which could be useful for future legal or insurance proceedings.

When the police arrive, remain calm and provide all the pertinent details needed. Provide them with your license, registration, and any other information they might need. It is very important to remain cooperative and honest with the officers.

Seek Medical Treatment

Seeking medical treatment immediately after a motorcycle crash is an important and necessary step for both safety and legal reasons. Motorcycle accidents can cause devastating, long-term or even permanent injuries, and it is therefore important to seek medical help as soon as possible.

As soon as the accident occurs, dial 911 or the equivalent to receive emergency medical care and begin documentation of the injury or injuries. Even if there don’t appear to be any serious injuries, victims of a motorcycle crash should seek medical treatment in order to properly assess any potential hidden damages.

Doing so can help prevent any future complications or difficulties and can provide evidence in the event of a legal case. In order to properly document a motorcycle crash incident, individuals should take pictures, exchange insurance and contact information with anyone else involved in the crash, and, if possible, take notes on the scene and mark any skid marks.

Report and Document All Injuries

When you have been in a motorcycle crash, it is important to take immediate steps to report and document all injuries. After any crash, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible to ensure your physical health is not in danger as a result of the crash.

You should also document the scene of the crash with photographs and create a written record of the crash as soon as possible. This should include all details such as contact information for any witnesses or vehicle occupants involved in the crash, the name of the other vehicle’s driver, and the names of any responding police officers.

Additionally, any medical documentation resulting from the crash should be kept for later reference in order to have proof of any injuries sustained in the crash. Taking these steps right away is important for avoiding delays that can lead to costly mistakes.

Never Give Statements or Sign Releases

It is important to understand that never giving statements or signing any releases immediately after a motorcycle crash is essential. Even though you may be feeling pressure to speak, you should stay silent, as any statements you give may be used against you.

There is no obligation for you to speak, and it is advisable that you contact a lawyer to ensure that your best interests and rights are protected.

Never Sign Anything

Immediately after a motorcycle crash, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and health. Above all, never sign anything. Whether it is from an insurance company or the party responsible for the crash, it is best not to sign anything before meeting with your attorney or legal representatives.

Agreeing to any type of settlement can mean forfeiting your rights to receive fair compensation for your damages. That means gathering evidence, talking to witnesses, and keeping all hospital records.

You may also want to consider taking photographs of the crash site. Whatever you do, it is of utmost importance to never sign anything immediately following the crash.

File a No-Fault Benefits Application

Immediately after a motorcycle crash, you should file a no-fault benefits application with the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB). Not only will this help to cover any costs associated with the crash, it will also give you the coverage you need to repair your motorcycle and receive medical care.

By filing a no-fault benefits application, you are protecting your rights as an injured biker. This form of coverage typically covers medical bills regardless of who is responsible for the accident, and can provide much-needed financial aid.

Furthermore, this application will help to get the funds you need to replace or repair your motorcycle, and to receive the necessary treatments. Filing a no-fault benefits application can be a lengthy process, but it is certainly worth the effort in the long run.

Seek Legal Assistance

There are numerous legal obligations a motorcycle accident victim must fulfill in order to ensure they have the best possible outcome. This includes finding out whether or not the rider is eligible to receive compensation or other forms of support.

It is essential to speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer that specializes in motorcycle accident cases. They can advise the rider on the best course of action and what steps to take to protect their rights and interests.

Additionally, they can help the victim understand the legal protections available to them. Seeking legal assistance after a motorcycle accident can help to speed up the process of recovering compensation, allowing the rider to quickly gain the support they need to move forward.

Learn What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash

In the event of a motorcycle crash, it is important to seek immediate medical attention, ensure the scene is safe, exchange contact and insurance information, document the scene, and contact the police.

Taking action immediately is essential for both your safety and your legal rights. Don’t delay. If you need assistance, seek out an experienced motorcycle accident attorney for help.

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