What Is THC-Free Crude Oil?

Did you know that CBD could help with relieving depression, PTSD, and even opioid addiction?

Marijuana is a useful drug in combating many of the same symptoms, but it has a big problem: it’s not entirely legal. From state to state, marijuana laws vary greatly. In the meantime, the solution is to try out CBD.

CBD is an excellent alternative for those who want a THC-free experience. It offers many of the benefits of marijuana without appearing on a drug test or leading to impairment. Millions across the world have already experienced the incredible benefits of products with no THC.

What is THC-free cannabis crude oil? In this guide, we hope to answer that question. Keep reading for why you need to experience this weed alternative.

What Is THC-Free Cannabis Crude Oil?

Believe it or not, you don’t need THC to experience many of the benefits that marijuana provides. THC is just the main component of cannabis. But with additional processing, one can extract some of the useful components inside the marijuana plant.

One of these is CBD oil. CBD is short for cannabidiol.

This is one of the components of the cannabis plant that contributes to some of the amazing effects it can produce. It does contain microscopic amounts of THC (approximately 0.3%), which means it’s highly unlikely to show up on a drug test.

However, CBD is not naturally occurring. Many would say it was a workaround during the years when marijuana was entirely illegal. It provided a legal loophole for people to get a marijuana-like experience.

Manufacturers extract CBD crude oil from the plants using complex chemical processes. As the name implies, this oil is not refined. While crude oil might seem to imply an inferior product, the reverse is true.

This crude oil does not have any additional processing that might contaminate the flavor and potency. So, you get a marijuana-like experience without many of the consequences. It’s much safer to consume as a result.

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What Is Using THC-Free CBD Oil Like?

Many people cannot enjoy marijuana because of how powerful the effect is on them. They may have a coughing fit while smoking, or have lung problems that prevent inhalation. Others still may get strong headaches and nausea even from normal doses.

However, the benefits of marijuana are hard to deny. Even the people that suffer such severe effects may still desire to try it and experience what their friends do. CBD provides that opportunity.

Primarily, consuming CBD does not result in the same headache-inducing high. Users experience more of the calming effects. It’s far less likely for a CBD user to experience negative symptoms, even after large doses.

How Do You Consume CBD?

Since CBD comes in the form of crude oil, you can smoke it like other oil extracts. You purchase CBD online or at your local weed dealership. Then you fill your vapor chamber with the oil and smoke it as you normally would.

Since the vape is more gentle than smoking with a bong, it also reduces the strain on your lungs. People can enjoy CBD without one of those coughing fits.

There are other methods to consume CBD. Some may choose to use topical ointments or oils. Others may burn them in candles.

Since CBD has a relatively low concentration, this makes it very safe and stable. The THC content is very low, which means you are unlikely to experience any marijuana high.

Is CBD Legal?

Of course, many users aren’t interested in the more lax effects. A large majority of CBD users are marijuana enthusiasts. Using CBD allows them to skirt the current scheduling laws.

Good news first: CBD is legal in the vast majority of states. Only a select few have chosen to make it difficult to use CBD or purchase it. Aside from those locations, the majority of US citizens can use CBD at their leisure.

However, exercise caution when traveling abroad. Bringing CBD oil with you may not be legal in the country you visit. Research local laws, or just play it safe and leave your CBD at home.

Will CBD Affect a Drug Test?

As mentioned earlier, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever get a positive result on a drug test. This is because, again, there is a very, very small concentration of THC in CBD. This concentration is so small that your body will likely process it out within a few hours.

THC free crude oil

However, you should not make the false assumption that you can drive or operate heavy machinery under the influence of CBD. Just because it is legal does not mean that you are free to do whatever you want. While it is difficult to become impaired by CBD, this could lead to legal action against you.

Consuming large amounts of CBD could result in a positive drug test. Even as unlikely as this is, you should limit or cut consumption if you believe you will have to take a drug test.

Precautionary Measures When Purchasing CBD

At the moment of writing, there are no regulations on CBD. The FDA and other federal organizations have not given a clear determination on the drug. Current evidence does suggest that CBD is safe for consumption by most people.

Some CBD is not safe to consume. As with vape juices, many companies have used immoral practices to save money. They may cut their CBD with toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde.

You should avoid purchasing the cheapest CBD you can find. Only buy from reputable vendors that provide high-quality products. Take the time to check the product labels of every CBD you use.

Buy THC-Free Products Today

Those who are skeptical about marijuana or who have had a bad experience can try THC-free CBD crude oil. This is a milder, safer variation of cannabis-derived products. While it does produce milder effects, do exercise caution as there is no federal regulation despite it being legal.

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