What is Hemp Flower, and Why Use it?

What is Hemp Flower?

Chances are you’ve heard of both hemp and CBD, perhaps you haven’t realized that CBD is not directly a plant but instead is a chemical compound found within both cannabis and hemp. In fact, many don’t realize that cannabis and hemp are the same plant species. Cannabis is just defined as having over 0.3% THC delta-9 while hemp legally has less than that amount. Therefore, hemp plants are just cannabis plants with low amounts of the THC delta-9, the stuff that makes someone “high” when smoking/vaping it or consuming edibles.

That means both cannabis and hemp plants produce what are known as “buds” or the actual flower of the plant. These little bundles of joy contain “trichomes” or essentially the active ingredients that we seek out for their medicinal or recreational benefits. Hemp flower or bud is therefore those parts of the plant that contain the substances which give you feelings of relaxation, comfort, pain relief, and more. You can buy hemp flowers in nearly every state as well, but many people wonder if it’s legal.

Is Hemp Flower Legal?

Since hemp and cannabis are the same plant species with different amounts of the same chemicals, it may be confusing the note that hemp is legal on the federal level whereas cannabis is legal in 19 states recreationally and far more medicinally. In 2018, the federal “Farm Bill” legalized the growing, sale, possession, and use of all hemp and hemp products. Most states followed suit with their own state-specific laws reflecting the new legal status of hemp as well. In the bill, hemp is defined as a cannabis plant with no more than 0.3% THC-delta-9 in overall biomass. Therefore it’s important to make sure if you live in a prohibition state, that you are buying hemp flowers with less than 0.3% THC-delta-9. Only use companies with a good reputation and ones that publish their lab results for everyone to see. For example, the well-regarded Kush Mints Strain has less than 0.3% THC.

Benefits of Using Hemp Flower

When it comes to using hemp for its medicinal properties there are two camps of thought. First, many hemp users prefer to buy hemp flowers rather than purchase oils, salves, or other products because they prefer vaping or smoking the herb. Vapes and other common smoking methods of joints, pipes, and blunts heat the hemp flower to at least 258 degrees F or more to release the chemical compounds into a form of the compound the human body can metabolize. Therefore, some prefer instant effects and relief while others simply like the style and feel of smoking or vaping overusing oils and edibles.

The biggest benefit to vaping hemp flower is that it is completely harmless to your lungs since the vaping process only produces water vapor which carries the CBD and other substances into your lungs. The benefits of CBD are therefore rather instant and can be more powerful than using oils. However, other users prefer hemp flowers to make their own oils, edibles, salves, and more at home. In fact, all CBD products start out as hemp flowers and are baked, cooked, or heated up in batches then infused with things like oils which your body can then metabolize and use. Therefore, buying hemp flowers can save you money if you use CBD every day, or simply provide an instant sense of calm and relaxation for those who prefer to vape or smoke it.

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