What Is Costume Jewelry and How Is It Unique?

Costume jewelry originated during the 18th century in Europe. As it gained popularity in the states, trends and designs changed to encompass a more fashionable style.

With so many people who love costume jewelry, those who haven’t enjoyed these gorgeous pieces may ask what costume jewelry is.

Read on to learn more about costume jewelry and how it’s unique to the fashion world.

What Is Costume Jewelry?

For most of us, costume jewelry was something we associated with our grandmothers owning when we were children. These stylish pieces are crafted of non-precious materials and used to imitate the most delicate jewelry on the market.

Although it is considered a more affordable way of staying stylish, costume jewelry has quickly made a name for itself. More and more people prefer to wear this type of jewelry and keep more expensive pieces safe from harm.

Over its many years as part of the fashion industry, costume jewelry has been through many changes. From fake pearls to rhinestone costume jewelry, several designs have been made in hopes of mimicking some of the most popular pieces of jewelry in the world.

In today’s more modern society, costume jewelry is more popular than ever. This type of jewelry allows women and men to embellish their style without depleting their bank account.

With the ever-changing fashion trends today’s fashionistas face, the costume vs. regular jewelry debate has finally been answered. Costume jewelry is just as popular and beloved as other jewels on the market.

How Is Costume Jewelry Unique?

The uniqueness of costume jewelry comes from its ability to mix and match with almost any style. If you’re wondering when to wear costume jewelry, the answer is anytime.

If you’re heading out for a simple lunch with friends, costume jewelry can be used to accentuate a casual outfit. The same pieces can also mix well for a black-tie affair. This answers the age-old question of “Can I wear costume jewelry every day?”

Those who strive to look their best at all times can easily use the uniqueness of costume jewelry to make any outfit pop.

Regular vs. Costume Jewelry

For many lovers of jewelry, choosing between costume and authentic jewelry can be difficult.

The appeal of having a piece of jewelry that is both expensive and real is relatively high. Unfortunately, these pieces involve lots of stress.

When wearing expensive pieces of jewelry, worries of loss and damage are prevalent. If you’ve spent a lot of money on a ring, a pair of earrings, or even a stylish necklace, the last thing you want is to lose your investment.

With costume jewelry, the inexpensiveness of the pieces makes it easier to cover losses when the unexpected occurs. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself without the constant worry of losing your precious gold or stones.

Are You a Lover of Vintage Jewelry?

Are you a lover of classic jewelry designs? Are you constantly wondering what is costume jewelry? If so, staying on top of the latest fashion and jewelry trends can help you create the perfect style for you.

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