WaltonChase Review 2021– Should You Place Trades On This Broker?

Summary of Platform

WaltonChase is a man-made fueled forex trading platform that quickly breaks down and conveys buy/sell information directly to its clients for trading openings with the help of charts and analytical tools. It’s fueled by complex AI calculations that play out the legwork of scouring a great many unstructured public information sources to reveal, distinguish, channel, and examine tradeable mergers and acquisitions (M&A) ideas. Brokers acquire the upside of speed while investors can utilize the hearty analysis and anticipated features. The platform tries to empower traders to respond ahead of the news and rivalry at the soonest phase of the data process frequently covered within the data.

The platform gives potential price targets as well as execution potential to beat the overall market and reliability of information sources. Everything identified with analyzing and trading buy/sell data action is contained on this single source of truth platform for anticipating critical forecasts and making sure that the trades are profitable.

Anyway, is WaltonChase what you’ve been looking for? I will discuss everything in this comprehensive WaltonChase review.

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WaltonChase Account Type Options

WaltonChase offers four pricing plans. Each arrangement is priced for a solitary client and certain features are available to each account type. Now, When I browsed the platform for these account types I wanted to look for the price range and the features that were spread out in each account type. Because for me it was important to know which account type will suit me better with its features. So, in this section I will give all the details for each account and also tell you about which account is better for beginners, intermediate, and expert level traders.

Silver account type – Deposit 10,000 This account type is specifically designed for the new traders in the game. I believe that this account holds the perfect features and deposit for a new trader to start their trading venture.

It offers standard lucrative spreads, standard prioritized withdrawal process, leverage up to 300, senior account manager, risk management planning, private analysis sessions.

The thing that shocked me was that the basic account, unlike any other platform I have come across offers an account manager. This is the point where the new traders will be able to take advantage of the platform and become well-trained traders with the help of the account manager and the private analyst sessions. It is where they will learn and grow as traders and know the insight of the market.

Although this platform holds lesser features for a trader like me who has more experience so I wouldn’t recommend this account type to intermediate or expert level traders. Although everyone can start from this account type to get to know the market and the broker better and test out all the other important things with them.

Gold account type – Deposit 50,000 this account type, in my opinion, is perfect for intermediate traders and for people who have a little more knowledge of how the broker works and how to read the market to make an educated trade.

This account obviously holds more features including all that are mentioned in the above account type. The extra features it proposes are Gold spreads, a Fast withdrawal process, leverage up to 400, and special venture promotions.

Platinum account type – Deposit 250,000 This is the account type that I am currently using. It is perfect for traders with experience in the market and the trading world. It offers even more features including the previously mentioned so far.

The added features are Platinum spreads, Priority withdrawals, Leverage up to 500, Financial planning, Access to lucrative VIP events, and Arbitrage trading.

So, basically, this platform offers me everything I need to have the best tools, charts, assistance, and speed I require while trading.

Institutional account type – invitation only This account type presents further enhanced features, i.e., Raw spreads, Immediate withdrawal, and Exclusive leverage. Obviously, for this account type, you have to need to be invited to use it and that depends on your performance with the platform.

WaltonChase Features Breakdown

In this portion, I will discuss the eminent highlights on the platform which are accessible through the broker. Remember that the accessible highlights rely upon which account type you hold. Let’s break it down!

Detailed Analysis

Traders that discover certain stocks convincing can investigate further with definite analysis. This gives a depiction of the organization measurements alongside a straightforward chart, analysis appraisals, and direct URLs to the sources. The analysis will be intimidating for new traders. But I don’t think they need to worry about it since they get the account manager with their account type who can easily help them on how to analyze, read, and strategize their trades.


The platform gives straightforward charts to clients to get an overall perspective on price activity. Clients ought to have a dependable progressed outlining platform, like WaltonChase, to frame a more profound investigation on price examples and set-ups.

Now, the chart holds extra innovative tools that some traders might have a difficult time with. This can be resolved by getting to know and use all the tools at once, and then you can continue your analysis without any hiccups. The thing I don’t like about the chart is that it is too dark for me, I would have preferred lighter tones so I could read the chart a little better.


I knew the platform was secured due to the security detail they presented me with. When I created my account with the broker, they asked me to agree to their terms and conditions and their KYC policy. Each showed that they take safety seriously. What I did not like was the fact that even though the registration was done within or less than 5 minutes, the KYC policy took a lot longer than anticipated. I had to remind myself that the process is to keep me, and my funds secured so I was okay with the process.


Unfortunately, the platform does not hold any social media platform to promote itself and reach an even wider crowd. But I found a review page on Trustpilot on which WaltonChase has an ‘excellent’ rating which boosted my confidence regarding the platform.


While it may not be an independent stock screener, WaltonChase clients can redo the filters to refine the kind of stocks that WaltonChase uncovers. Search measures can be arranged by volume, market cap, sector, and area of headquarters.

Watch Lists and Alerts

Brokers can make or add stocks to the watch list rapidly. Stocks on the Dashboard can be added flawlessly to the watch list alongside Alert notices conveyed by means of continuous messages or potentially SMS text-based notifications. At the point when M&A movement is identified on your watch lists or triggers filtered sweep criteria, the platform rapidly advises you. As a dependable guideline, the tighter the filters, the more specific the outcomes will be. This is valid with all scanners.

Is WaltonChase Worth the Money?

The result for acquiring an edge against the on other trading platforms via having the most innovative chart and tools and best pricing can be excellent particularly while getting in right on time. The Standard arrangement is a decent incentive for most clients. Active traders may consider the Professional intend to exploit all the capacities with respect to accurate data presented for buy/sell trading.

Is WaltonChase Right for You?

The WaltonChase platform is best for prepared and active traders hoping for the best prices and features. This implies brokers new to trading and those who have experience in the market, can benefit greatly from the platform. Clients can without much of a stretch check all new or old tools and features and the history of days until genuine consolidations and acquisitions happened as expected.

It’s likewise an incredible analysis instrument for best trading results. This makes it reasonable for investors that may not be as keen on the speed however more for the investigation and sources behind the data. Things missing from the platform obviously can be the dark theme, education material variety, delayed email service, etc. all things that can be improved in little time by the platform


  • A simple yet ground-breaking platform for uncovering and dissecting accurate data.
  • AI-fueled evaluations including Credibility, Reliability, and Estimated Price Impacts can improve the brisk trading experience.
  • Convenient transactions are smoothed out and simple
  • Experienced traders can utilize tools to decide long and short trades rapidly.
  • One-stop platform for all new traders.


  • Fewer Indices.
  • Delayed email service
  • No MT4.
  • Less education material.
  • Only English dialect.
  • Does not include the PayPal payment method.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.

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