Upgrade Your Smoke Break with These Five Tips

Breaks help productivity; they give employees the chance to get up, shake off the stiffness, refuel, go to the bathroom, go on a smoke break, and more. Employers who only offer the bare minimum often have a host of burnt-out employees who more or less take their “breaks” at their desk because humans are simply not capable of working uninterrupted on complex mental tasks for long—even menial or admin tasks take their toll.

While improving your break can help your productivity and your business overall, the reasons why you will want to upgrade your break are going to be very personal. You will feel better, you’ll be less stressed, and more often than not you’ll be able to go back to your work with fresh eyes and be able to adapt from there.

If you are a smoker these breaks are going to likely be shorter and more frequent, but with these top five tips you’ll still be able to get more out of them.

1. Try Vaping Instead

When you go for your smoke break, instead of a cigarette you should try vaping. This is simply because you can add flavor to the experience. A burst of delicious flavor can do wonders to help you relax as it gives your mind more pleasant experiences to focus on. You can have a different flavor experience every break, especially since you can get all the best brands and lines of vape juice UK online or disposable vape pens that you’d surely love.

2. Try to Find a Natural Area

Being around nature is a proven way to relax and is great for your emotional wellbeing. If there is a park or bench outside, then this could be the perfect place to go. If you have switched to vaping you also have to worry less about causing a bother, since the vapor is pleasant to the nose and doesn’t stick to your clothes the same way that traditional cigarettes do.

3. Walk While You Smoke

Moving can do wonders to help improve circulation and get the body and mind to wake up once again. By walking while you smoke—or even doing stretches while you are on your break—you can increase the benefits immediately.

4. Hydrate While You Are on a Break

You don’t have to just smoke on your smoking break. Bring a water bottle or, even better, a sports drink that is full of electrolytes so that you can help your body feel refreshed when you go back to your desk.

5. Listen to Music

Boost your brain with music, hydration, circulation, and even new flavors, and you will be well on your way to stimulating it and getting it back into gear. All of these pleasant experiences can help your mind calm down and take a step back from what it is that is stressing it out. It’s a simple, effective way to improve your break. If you need to calm down, relaxing music can help; if you need to hype yourself up then put on that workout playlist.

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