Trelegy vs. Breo Ellipta: The Differences Explained

It might surprise you to learn that over 27 million people in the United States have asthma. This means around 1 in 12 people suffer from this condition. Different inhaler options can improve breathing for those who have asthma.

Trelegy and Breo are some of the most popular. Not everyone knows how to decide between Trelegy vs. Breo. Let’s explore the key information you should keep in mind.

What Is Trelegy?

Also known as Trelegy Ellipta, this medicine is primarily used to relieve the symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It’s prescribed as an inhalation powder and should be used once per day around the same time as the previous day. When administered correctly, it can substantially reduce the flare-ups that people experience from this disease.

By extension, this can substantially improve your quality of life and make it easier to accommodate COPD. There are certain risks associated with this medication that patients should keep in mind before using it.

A small percentage of people might experience inflammation of the nose and throat. They could also be more prone to contracting pneumonia.

As long as you follow your doctor’s instructions, you shouldn’t have an issue in most cases.

What Is Breo Ellipta?

Breo Ellipta allows users to quickly improve their breathing and manage the symptoms of asthma/COPD. It’s available in two dosing options, and the larger one is used to treat asthma instead of COPD.

Like Trelegy, Breo Ellipta is only available with a prescription. You’ll need to visit your doctor and have them assess your symptoms. They may potentially prescribe Breo if they view it as a suitable treatment option.

Deciding Between Trelegy vs. Breo

For those who have moderate to severe COPD, Trelegy is the most effective choice. It’s designed to handle this condition instead of asthma.

If your COPD isn’t as severe or you need to treat asthma symptoms, Breo is the right choice for this situation. Talking to your doctor can help you determine areas of concern and provide insight into key details you may have otherwise overlooked.

Sourcing Your Products

You aren’t limited to using conventional pharmacies when sourcing your prescription drugs. Online pharmacies are amazing opportunities, but you’ll need to research them carefully.

Look at past reviews to gain insight into what you can expect. Were there complications the pharmacy didn’t help them resolve? Were the customers satisfied with their results?

The answers to questions like these will help you narrow down your options. You should also keep an eye out for signs of disreputable businesses. For example, the site might have numerous spelling errors and no listed brick-and-mortar location.

Make Your Decision Responsibly

Choosing between Trelegy vs. Breo can seem difficult at first, but it’s not as hard as most people anticipate. The information in this guide will help ensure you make the right choice for your situation and avoid potential complications.

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