Top 9 PBS Masterpieces you need to watch in 2020

Over the years, PBS, also known as the Public Broadcasting Service, has given us many classics. To name a few, Sesame Street, Arthur and Nova were some amazing and insightful broadcasts that had everyone glued to their seats. They all were once a part of Masterpiece Theater, Masterpiece Contemporary, Masterpiece Mystery, and Masterpiece classic until they finally decided to stick to just ‘Masterpiece.’ Anything featured on PBS Masterpiece must be good. The popular program distributor broadcasts content across all genres. From drama and crime to documentaries and independent films, PBS offers something for everyone.

You can now enjoy any genre of programming on the PBS channel on DIRECTV. If you’re a fan of history, documentaries, crime thrillers, drama, independent movies, science, and more, you’ll be happy to know that they bring you exciting content from PBS to satisfy your TV cravings.

With 350 member stations onboard, PBS acts as a program distributor to those and more. The entertainment provided by PBS is limitless, and before you go digging into the long list of treasures the network has offered over the years, lucky for you, we’ve listed down the top 9 shows on PBS you should stream over the weekend. You’ll be excited to know that this great list has something for everyone. Read ahead to find out which of these PBS Masterpiece selections you should watch this weekend.

1. Poldark

Set in the early 1700s, this romantic saga focuses on the trauma Ross Poldark, a British army officer, faces after returning home from the American Revolutionary War. Upon returning, he finds out about his presumed death, the death of his father, the marriage of the love of his life with someone else, and an upsetting amount of debt on his shoulders. Based on the novels written by Winston Graham, The show focuses on the determination and faith Poldark has to set things straight against society’s expectations.

2. Downton Abbey

We can’t possibly leave this Masterpiece off the list. The series deserves its own spotlight on here. Set in the early 1900s, in the Yorkshire country estate of Downton Abbey, the show focuses on the lives of the members of the Crawley family and their relationship with their domestic helpers, specifically at a time when respecting the British social hierarchy was of utmost priority to the locals. The screenplay, to the performances, not only made it a start for writers to work on social change, but it beautifully captured the tale of love, sacrifice, power, and money.

3. Little Women

As its name suggests, the drama adaptation revolves around the lives of the four March sisters in Massachusetts, who grew up during the American Civil War with their father on the battlefield. The mother worked relentlessly to provide for them, but the girls wanted more than what the domestic life offered. This classical mini-series shows women’s bravery, the importance of authentic female friendships, the bright and clever take on love, and other emotional themes. The message the show aims to deliver comes through in the end.

4. Poirot

This list would be incomplete without Agatha Christie’s Masterpiece, Poirot. The performance of Hercule Poirot by the Belgian hunk, David Suchet, certainly transformed the essence of the show.  His attire, look, and personality exudes mysteriousness and elegance at the same time. Every episode featured a new mystery to be solved by Poirot. His wit, observant nature, and intelligence made him a competent detective and a protagonist. David completely owns the character of a dapper detective flawlessly. If you’re a fan of mysteries and dry humor, give this a shot!

5. Victoria

Queen Victoria’s reign was nothing short of tremendous historical significance.  The show Victoria, as its name suggests, shows how a young Victoria, unaware of the difficulties ahead, was pushed to take over the royal role under public scrutiny. Being young and a woman with power forced her to fight for respect from men and political differences. It also sheds light on the two love stories of Victoria, one between her and her future husband, Albert, and the other between her and her first PM. The portrayal is coy yet compelling. If you like learning about history, forget Wikipedia, and jump on the binge-watching bandwagon.

6. The Paradise

This melodrama is a toned-down version of Downton Abbey. It follows a similar theme in the same setting, focusing on the relationship between the rich and their domestic servants. The show is about a girl who moves from a small town to London to land a retail job. This sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The girl gets wound up in the charms and terrors of the modern world while working at the department store. If you’re looking for a captivating, suspenseful, and witty watch, this might be it.

7. Unforgotten

The crime series focuses on two detectives who work on cold-blooded murder cases and disappearances. It sheds light on the personal lives of the detectives and those close to them. Unforgotten majorly deals with elderly and middle-aged people who get involved in murder cases. Over the years, they seem to have moved on, only to find themselves facing the trauma and tragedies lying underneath the surface.  The show is teeth-gritting and has you hooked for 3 seasons straight. A true crime fan wouldn’t want to miss this.

8. Les Misérables

Known as one of the best novels written in the 19th century, this Victor Hugo classic turned into a British series by Andrew Davies. While there are many versions available of this tale, this specific adaptation remains a classic. It’s a nonmusical mini-series set in the post-Napoleonic era in France, focusing on the escape of Jean Valjean from an aggressive inspector Javert. The cinematography, screenplay, and performances exhibit the brilliance of the show.

9. Last Tango in Halifax

This warm love story of two British widowers who were childhood friends reconnecting again to rekindle the love lost between them is enough to have you engrossed. With a sense of humor, heartbreak, sacrifice, love, and conflicts, this show has all elements needed to make it successful. It portrays the stories that go beyond home and family. If you want to watch a feel-good and light show, Last Tango in Halifax is the perfect fit for you.

Enjoy Your Series

Now that you know what to watch over the weekend make sure you grab your popcorn, sit back and relax! This list is full of incredible Masterpieces meant to make your weekend far more enjoyable. So, what are you waiting for?

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