Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Custom T-Shirt!

Along with offering individuals a special chance of expressing their innovation, Custom t-shirts also enable artists to flaunt the design skills on the fashionable garment. However, many times, executing the design onto the real fabric might prove to be the daunting task, particularly for individuals who possess little knowledge and experience about the procedure.

So, let’s check out the top 10 mistakes which you should avoid while designing a personalized t-shirt –

1. Complicated Design

Your t-shirt & your audience can take in only limited details. In case you attempt at including plenty of graphics, multiple colours, and truckloads of text in the design, the personalized t-shirt will be a perfect instance of “things went wrong”! So, include only relevant details in the design, carefully choose colours, and keep graphics simple.

2. Picking the wrong design size

Always choose the reputed t-shirt seller like Designhill for collaboration that can make sure that the size is decided as per the design’s nature. It also advises you on how to keep the size according to the properties of the to-be-printed garment. There must be some thought put into it, after all. As per your design shape, it can look much larger than it must.

3. Overlooking the contrast imbalance

Avoid utilizing dark colours on dark apparel unless you are intentionally attempting at making things tough-to-see. Navy Blue Text on the Brown Shirt is going to be tough-to-read, even if it looks good on the costly IPS monitor. If you are in doubt, fall back to utilizing the white shirt. Before you go for tshirt printing, always remember that all but the lightest of lights will look appealing on White.

4. Inappropriate design placement

Just like the design size, its appropriate placement is another main aspect which affects the complete appeal and looks of the ultimate product. Many times, its wrong placement ruins attractive designs & makes your t-shirt look unattractive and sloppy. Again, the right placement is dependent upon the design’s composition and size, & generally, the centralized location in the t-shirt’s upper half is a basic position for basic-sized designs.

5. Low-quality fabric

Irrespective of what occasion or purpose you design the t-shirt for, quality always matters. Ask yourself this question – would you wear a t-shirt which feels uncomfortable and itches? Well, the truth is that everyone knows the distinction between cheap quality and good quality t-shirts. That is why you have to amp up your T-shirt printing game and offer only quality items to the customers.

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6. Unattractive fonts and typography

In case you remember only a single typography rule, make it this one, never utilize over 3 different fonts in your design. The font choice can state a lot regarding the way a design is received. Also, it can convey specific ideas or evoke feelings which might be unintentional. From the lifetime of seeing graphics and ads, we have been conditioned for attributing specific characteristics to specific fonts.

7. Printing with way too many colours

Printing the design utilizing way too many colours can make your final tee look overwhelming & also gaudy. Always discuss all of these things with your T-shirt maker. The more the number of colours utilized, the higher is the price of screen printing the design. Unless it is vital to sustaining the design’s aesthetic appeal, the utilization of too many colours must be avoided in screen printing. This is not the case for direct-to-film printing: Unlike screen printing, direct-to-film printing allows for an extensive color palette without the added cost. This innovative technology and its various printers (Prestige L2 DTF printer, for example) ensure that intricate designs with multiple vibrant hues can be transferred onto your tee without overwhelming its aesthetic appeal. When discussing your T-shirt design with the maker, be sure to explore the possibilities offered by direct-to-film printing for a visually striking and cost-effective result.

8. Outdated styles

You desire the personalized t-shirts to be the hit with the intended audience. Hence, its style should appeal to them. None wishes to wear those designs which are outdated! Ensure that you are tuned with what is trending. Not only the t-shirt type in vogue, but also its colours, designs, and fonts! It will support you with the personalized tee which will have the much-needed effect.

9. Inappropriate Composition

A basic mistake is too spaced out elements, or the ones that are too bunched up. Or while T-shirt printing, the whole design can be off-balance that draws the eye to the wrong place. Or, & be particularly cautious here, this type can be read in a wrong order. In case you are working with a range of elements, put a bit of effort and time into the composition.

10. Poor Quality of Image

Among the biggest mistakes by people during the online tee printing is that of utilizing poor-quality pictures. Often, this is while people browse & download pictures online for using them or for personalized printing on the tees. A majority of images available on the web bear the low resolution. Although they look good on-screen, regenerating them on fabric might not offer similar result.

Personalized tees can be quite as effective as gifts, giveaways, or keepsakes. However, it is only if they are comfortable-to-wear and look good. Knowing about the above-mentioned design fails will support you stay cautious, & get attractive, good-quality personalized t-shirts.

Check out our article to learn from these valuable tips and create a custom t-shirt that truly stands out. Start designing now!

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