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The Role of Wood Stain and Sealer for Home Improvement

Home appearance at every step is important. But when it comes to maintaining it, there are so many things to consider. Sealing and staining the wooden logs is a part of it. It ensures that the integrity of the wood and its overall appearance remain intact. It is important to regularly maintain it using the process of wood stain and sealer. This ensures better longevity that helps the log not just to look well over time but shall also allow the home to beautifully age. Maintenance of the whole house is important to make sure the home stays effective and attractive. And when it comes to log homes, there is no difference at all.

Know about Wood Stain

The focus of wood stain is to ensure the wooden pores are well filled up. Since due to climatic changes and natural habitat, often the natural color of the wood fades away. Besides, the sun’s UV rays could also affect the wood. But if the stain is applied right then it can work as the water-repelling solution. It is easy to apply and starts giving quick results as well. It is okay to simply apply and leave the stain on the wood for a certain time and then wipe it well if there is any excess. Often stains may seem to be quite pricey as compared to the sealer but certainly shall last for a long time.

Know more about Wood Sealer

Just the way wooden stain is important, even the sealer plays equally an important role. A sealer is more like a transparent coating that is applied to the outer surface of the wood. It is more like a protective barrier and hence is advised to be applied on an occasional basis. The ideal function of the sealer is to ensure the water is repelled; the sealers are quite easy to be applied to. But when it comes to showing its efficiency against the UV rays, it may not be that effective and the color is likely to fade a lot faster if only sealer would be used.

Know the Difference Between Stain and Seal

Not many people are not even aware of what exactly wood stain and sealer are and why they are said to be different from one another. Well, these are products that are designed for protecting the wood of the deck, log home, and even the siding from debris, sunlight, and water, or any other such damages. But both such wood coating can also be used for many other reasons and could create different results too.

Know the benefits

Most people are often curious to know what could make the wood stain and sealer so beneficial. If it is rightly done and that too by the experts with years of experience in this then results are visible quickly and that too stays for quite a long time. There are many advantages to it. This includes:

Renewing the beauty of the Wood

When it comes to sealing the log home and even staining it, it eventually means the whole color and looks of the wood are being renewed. This is one of the primary reasons why people often ended up choosing the log house. The color and the wooden texture are the beauty that cannot be matched with any other material of the building. Logs that stay in the sun often get beaten with the rain and are likely to get dirty as well. This would make the color fade away and the appearance that once was vibrant would no longer be the same. But with stains, if done newly would help in enhancing the natural wood beauty and give the color that shall be refreshing and appealing again as it was the very first time.

Prevention against the Wood Damage

It is not just the overall look but also the damage against which the wood stain and sealer if done freshly can be helpful. The staining and sealing process ensures the wood doesn’t crack off easily or get peeled up at all. There are many states where the temperature often fluctuates right from being warm till; cold and again quickly in the same manner especially when there is a fall or spring season. The temperature is likely to change and it may even create the wood to either crack or even peel down. If the staining is done regularly and the sealing is also well maintained the log home will be protected against any kind of damages.

Avoid Water Absorption

When there is wood then one needs to understand the damage mostly occurs on the wood because of the water. Indeed, in a season like rainy, water can easily get clogged up in the wood and start rotting it. As the wood has got pores from which the water enters easily or the logs that have got cracks, the wood is likely to warp or even break. If the right action is not taken on time, it may even crackdown. But with the right wood stain and sealer solution, the pores can be filled up. This would make it more challenging for the water to enter. Besides sealing the log shall even make a barrier that would ensure water does not enter the wood at all.


From the above advantages, there is no doubt that wood stain and sealer are applied well by the expert and is likely to give lasting results. But again, the question that may pop is how often should it be applied. Those who want to improve the aesthetic appearance of the home at the same time increase the return value must do it yearly. Maybe bi-annual would also be fine. Also, there are many other factors such as the type of sealer and stain being used, home location, and even the exposure to the pollutant level that plays an important role to determine the exact timing of when it should be done. This type of project indeed would improve the overall look of the wooden house and have many other practical benefits which are why it should not be taken lightly.

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