The Importance of a Bespoke Work Life Balance

As millennials begin to dominate the employment market, the concept of a work-life balance has gained traction. From previously being a mere buzzword, the term now has clear connotations, and many profess to understand why and how a work-life balance can work for you.

This article aims to debunk many of the myths and present a noticeably clear foundational discussion as to the importance of a bespoke work-life balance and how this will look completely different for all of us. It must be a personalized work-life balance that is the ideal, or the aim, and each individual should determine this in terms of what works for them at each particular stage of their lives and careers.

What is a work life balance?

The work life balance has been defined as a clear division of your time between work or income generation and life or fun and time with family and friends. However, there has been a leaning towards the fun, downtime, and a focus on time with family as a preferred opposite to gainful employment and striving for financial security.

This is arguably where the concept has gone somewhat awry, leaving many professionals confused and not too sure as to whether they too should be looking to make changes to how long or hard they work. The simple fact of the matter is that work itself is a fulfilling and fun aspect or vital component of their lives for many out there. Work defines many people out there, and as such, it is a tricky proposition to limit the time spent doing this in the initial stages of one’s profession. Through hard work, one will be able to afford the downtime and increased relaxation later on in their lives.

The bespoke balance

The argument herein is that the balance must be more organic and bespoke than this. We would all enjoy using the box office tickets to see our favorite shows, and such downtime spent with others can be an important part of one’s lifestyle. Yet, each individual must be able to determine throughout their life journey what is work and what is life and then how these should be balanced. For some, work becomes play, and a life based on generalized balance may not work for them.

The term work-life balance, it would seem, although relevant at the moment, is sure to see a natural death as we see the rise in hybrid work and huge increases in workplace flexibility. This means that those who want to or need to work longer hours to support a chosen lifestyle will be able to do so without shame or concern as to well-being.

Fun, entertainment, and time spent with family and friends doing the things that you love is still as important as it has always been, and there is no attempt herein to convince you otherwise. What is, however, of utmost importance is to be clear that any discussion of a work-life balance must be premised on the fact that it will be different or bespoke for all and must be based on affordability.

Cheryl Henson

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