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The Dos And Don’ts of Dealing With a Broken Window

A broken window is something no homeowner wants to deal with. Wind can toss debris into the window, causing it to shatter, or a neighbor’s kid might hit a home run that accidentally ends with the ball in your family room. No matter the cause of the broken window, it is important to deal with it properly to prevent further damage or injuries. Keep the following in mind if you ever have a broken window in your home.

Do Keep Your Safety in Mind

Always keep your safety in mind if you have a broken window. Keep everyone in the home safe by making them stay out of the room until everything is cleaned up and repaired, including pets. Make sure you have protective gear or tools that can help you clean up the broken window without risking a cut from the broken glass. It is easy to pick up larger pieces safely, but smaller pieces can be difficult to see while you’re cleaning and can still lead to cuts.

Do Clean Up the Broken Glass

Make sure the broken glass is cleaned up quickly to prevent anyone from being hurt. Use a box or bag to contain all of the glass pieces as you clean. Along with picking up anything that’s on the ground, make sure you gather any loose pieces in the window frame so they won’t end up falling out before or during the window’s repair. Tape the box closed and dispose of it to ensure none of the glass can fall out of the box and cause injuries.

Don’t Attempt to DIY the Repair

While it’s tempting to purchase a piece of glass and try to DIY the repair, this isn’t a good idea. It is important to make sure the right glass is used, that it’s installed properly to prevent further damage, and that it’s going to stand up over the years to the elements. A professional knows exactly what type of glass to use, can safely cut it to size to do the repair, and will make sure the new pane is installed properly. This helps reduce the potential for any more issues.

Do Use Temporary Repairs to Cover the Window

Repairs may not be possible immediately, so it is a good idea to temporarily cover the window. Keep in mind that these repairs are only supposed to last a short period of time. Use a plastic bag and tape to cover the window and provide a small amount of insulation. Bubble wrap and similar materials can provide added insulation if necessary. It may also be possible to use a piece of plywood affixed to the area around the window to prevent pests or anything else from getting into the home.

Don’t Wait to have it Fixed

Be sure to have the repairs done as soon as possible. While immediate repairs aren’t always possible, go ahead and schedule it as soon as you notice the broken window. The expert will be able to repair the windows quickly, so you can remove the temporary measures and start using the window again.

If you ever have a broken window in your home, make sure you use the previous information to get everything cleaned up and repaired while keeping you and the household as safe as possible. Make sure you schedule professional repairs to ensure the job is done right.

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