The Brief and Only Workplace Safety Checklist You’ll Ever Need

In 2019, about 2.8 percent of all American workers were injured or became ill because of workplace hazards. While this is an improvement from the 10.9 percent in 1972, companies should continue to make the workplace a safer environment.

What steps can companies take to improve workplace safety? This post will answer that question by providing practical solutions to reduce accidents once and for all!

Remove Potential Workplace Hazards

One of the first steps to employee safety is eliminating any physical or chemical hazards. And, if you aren’t sure, OSHA regulations can help you decide what items are unsafe.

Furthermore, you can train employees to look out for potentially dangerous situations and rectify them before a colleague is injured.

Keep Up With Employee Safety Training

Whenever the company hires new workers or moves them to a new department, they should receive training that is relevant to their position.

Moreover, there should be periodic refresher sessions to remind employees of the importance of the safety system and update them with any new information.

Provide Your Employees With the Right Equipment

Another way to avoid injuries is by providing employees with the proper equipment and ensuring that it is properly maintained. They should never have to improvise, using tools for purposes other than those for which they are designed, as this can lead to accidents.

And, should an accident happen, all workers should know where the first aid kit is located. Furthermore, those who use a work vehicle should be provided with a fully stocked first aid kit in the glove compartment if they are hurt on location.

Use Visual Aids

Sometimes, workers may be in a hurry or not feeling their best. So, it helps to have some visual aids, such as posters, to remind them of the need to use equipment properly. These visual tools also remind new employees how to contribute to a safe workplace.

Get Everyone Involved in Maintaining Workplace Safety

It may seem challenging to get workers excited about a topic as plain as office safety policy, but you can lighten the mood with a little bit of creativity.

For example, why not use trivia and quizzes to teach safety practices? If you prefer, you can encourage everyone to get involved by turning it into a competition and reward teams that get the most answers correct.

Moreover, comical demonstrations of do’s and don’ts will likely stick in your workers’ minds a lot longer than reading from an employee handbook.

Safety Is Everybody’s Job

Workplace safety is a serious matter, and no one should ever take it lightly. But, by following the tips in this post, you will present workers with the training and equipment they need to stay out of harm’s way. And, by getting creative, they may even have a little fun while learning to stay safe.

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