Get Energy-Efficient and Better Quality Display Solution with LED Video Wall

When multiple LED or LCD screens are mounted side by side, it creates an illusion of one large wall which is known as a video wall. You can use this single large screen to create appealing video content for display in any big event or even use multiple panels of the screen to display different images that help or guide your visitors during a large event. 

Almost all major event organizers use this technology for creating flawless display content so that it can reach your target audience with complete clarity even from a distance. While the initial cost of installing an LED video wall is much higher than LCD, there are numerous advantages of using LED that make it much superior. 

You can also create your custom layouts with the multiple display panels of these video walls. Creativity can be utilized in the best possible way and can be made very attractive to catch the attention of the target audience. 

If you feel the cost of LED video walls is very high, you can also get in touch with experts at Dynamo LED Displays to check out their LED screen hire services. They might be able to provide you with a customized LED video wall solution at rental prices. It is a premium manufacturing company in the United Kingdom that is known for its innovative design of all forms of LED solutions.

Some facts about LED video walls

  • No heat is emitted when the LED is turned on.
  • You do not need to worry about energy expenditure and high bills while making use of LED video walls. It is a power-saving way to use technology for digital marketing.
  • A basic LED display only consists of 3 colors – blue, red, and green. All other colors in the image are created by mixing these primary colors. 
  • You can form a billion colors by using the diode of the LED display and changing its intensity. 
  • You do not need a soldering gun to hang LED screens. This is why assembling an LED video wall is not time-consuming and can be done on short notice as well. 
  • If maintained properly, your LED video wall can last for a decade. 

Components of LED video wall

There are 3 basic components of the video wall system:

1) Display:

  • These are smaller LED screens that are tiled together to form a large display. 

2) Controller:

  • It splits a large image into smaller sections, which are then displayed on multiple outlets to be reiterated as the same large image. 

3) Software:

  • It allows you to monitor the real-time display on the video wall. 
  • You can edit the size or brightness of the image being displayed with the software.
  • You can also opt for advanced software to create more presentations, adjust the timings of the sequence of images, and even add or delete labels in real-time. 

If your company is looking for a solution to connect with the target audience at an upcoming exhibit, video walls are the most efficient way to achieve that goal. LED video walls are also installed at many public places for showcasing maps, important terminals, and advertisements of various small to large organizations. 

Make use of the visual component to catch the attention of your potential customers by either purchasing or renting a LED video wall solution. You can connect with Dynamo LED Displays at their Facebook page to book a demonstration and see if it is the right digital aid for you.

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