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The 4 Most Common Pests in UK Cities

Living in the United Kingdom, all citizens are afforded a plethora of what most people consider to be basic human rights, as well as a myriad of other privileges.

In addition, the UK is, fortunately, not home to any severely poisonous creatures such as alarmingly large spiders or insects like other countries experience, but unfortunately, there are still many types of irritating and potentially damaging pests to contend with, especially in inner cities.

So, with that in mind, continue reading to learn about the four most common pests.

1. Carpet Beetles & Moths

There is nothing more irritating than getting ready for an event and pulling out your favourite evening outfit from the wardrobe, only to discover that moths have enjoyed the sleeves and hems as part of their evening meal.

Both moths and carpet beetles are exceedingly common, as both love the darkness and warmth of wardrobes and even though both are small and seemingly irrelevant creatures, they can cause some serious financial loss to property.

2. Mice

Anyone who has ever lived in London will have regularly seen scurrying mice and even rats when waiting for the tube, and hopefully, this is the only time you see them.

However, due to the layout of large cities, and more specifically, the proximity of buildings to other mouse and rat hotspots, it is incredibly common for mice to nest in homes.

Calling a prestigious and expert London pest control company is by far the quickest and most effective solution to a mouse infestation, and even if you merely suspect that there could be mice in any area of your home, it is strongly advised to contact them without delay.

3. Cockroaches

Perhaps the most alarming of pest infestations in the United Kingdom is when you discover that cockroaches have chosen your home in which to make their nest.

Not only do cockroaches appear as if they have been beamed down from a futuristic science fiction film, but they also smell pungent and can cause a considerable amount of disruption. Unfortunately, many people falsely believe that cockroaches are not native to the island, which results in such infestations only being detected after some time.

The most common signs of a cockroach nest inside your home, or even the shed or garage in the garden, is the aforementioned horrible smell, as well as piles of eggs, shedded skin and collections of droppings.

4. Fleas

The fifth and final most common household pest found in homes in both urban and rural areas up and down the country is the tiny yet incredibly irritating flea, and obviously, if you share your home with any furry companions, the risk of a flea infestation is considerably higher.

Try and ensure that, even if your beloved pet is showing absolutely no signs of carrying fleas, you regularly wash their bedding, food and water bowls and any soft toys with pet-friendly shampoo to ensure any eggs are removed quickly and effectively.

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