Special Occasions When you Can Rent a Sports Car

We only live once, as the saying goes and while you might not be able to afford a Ferrari, there’s no reason why you can’t rent one for a special occasion. We all enjoy many highlights in our lives; graduating from university, getting that special promotion or even that magical 40th birthday, all of which are perfect occasions to live like a millionaire for a day.

Here are a few of the special occasions that might warrant renting a prestige sports car.

  • Getting Married – Imagine leaving the wedding reception in a Porche 911 Turbo! This would be the ultimate ride for the bride to arrive at the church and in Bangkok, there are sports cars for rent from Rich Cars to make your wedding day very special. Of course, your bride to be might prefer a white Rolls Royce for the trip to the church, which can be found at the sports car rental company.
  • Twenty Fifth Birthday – The 25th birthday is generally regarded as the day when you become a fully-fledged adult in every respect and what better way to celebrate than driving a supercar? A state-of-the-art BMW I8 Roadster, for example, would be perfect for a 25th birthday celebration, but the prestige car rental company would have an impressive fleet of 5-star supercars, so there is bound to be the right vehicle for you. Click here for maintenance tips for diesel engines.
  • 10th Wedding Anniversary – Actually, any wedding anniversary is a good time to spring a surprise, although the 10th is a significant milestone for any union and one that warrants something special. You could surprise your partner with a very special day out and see her face light up when you turn up in a Lamborghini Aventador!
  • Retirement – Having worked tirelessly for more than 40 years, you certainly deserve a very special celebration as you reach that final day at the office. It isn’t unusual for a business owner to do something special for a key employee, such as renting a prestige car for a weekend, as a way of saying ‘thank you for many years of service’.
  • Business Start-Up – If you are planning the launch of a new business, why not mark the occasion by renting a lImousine? Hopefully, one day you will own such a prestige car and renting one at the outset of the business is a good motivator to guide you towards business success.
  • Key Promotion – If you have managed to land a top promotion, why not celebrate by hiring a sports car? Search online for a prestige car rental company and check out the impressive fleet to find the perfect vehicle for you and you can book the car to be delivered at an agreed time and place.

Of course, you don’t need any excuse to rent a supercar, just the desire to get behind the wheel and experience the millionaire lifestyle.

Cheryl Henson

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