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Top Things to Consider When Shopping for a Pellet Stove Furnace

If you’re serious about wanting to switch to something cleaner and more efficient than an oil furnace, then a pellet stove furnace is perfect for you. It may even be perfect for your family. Are you getting ready to look into a pellet stove furnace to heat your home?

Winter is coming and you need a way to keep your home warm and your bills low. A pellet stove is a great way to do both, but you need to know how to choose the best one for you.

To make sure that it is, though, you need to do some research. You need to know what to look for when you’re shopping for a pellet stove furnace.

Here’s what you need to know when shopping for the best pellet stove furnace for your money.

Heating Capacity

When shopping for a pellet stove furnace, one of the top things to consider is the heating capacity. Heating capacity is critical because you want to be sure the furnace is big enough to heat your house or space.

You should measure the space or area you wish to heat, and then add 10-20 percent to the overall area for a more accurate calculation of heating capacity. You should have a good understanding of your climate and how cold it gets.

The colder the climate, the higher the heating capacity will need to be. Make sure the pellet stove fuel that you are considering buying has enough heating power for your area.

Pellet Type

Different pellets provide different levels of heat and have different levels of burn time. Some pellets, such as softwood pellets, are easy to start and have a lower heat output, while hardwood pellets have a higher heat output and longer burn time. It is important to consider the size of your stove and the type of fuel you are looking for before making a purchase.

Check the manufacturer’s recommendations before deciding on a pellet type, as some heat levels may not be compatible with certain stove models. A pellet type with UV inhibitors can help keep the stove clean by preventing the buildup of creosote.


A stove should provide enough heat for the space desired while creating as few excess emissions as possible. The more efficient a pellet stove is, the less wood it uses and the fewer pellets it needs to burn, making it more economical and better for the environment.

Some of the most efficient pellet stoves use advanced technologies like a combustion fan to mix the air and the fuel, and advanced burn pot designs to create a more efficient burn process that reduces emissions and consumption. Many modern Comfortbilt pellet stoves also have advanced computerized controllers and multiple heat settings for better energy efficiency and heat output.

Venting Options

A pellet stove vent must be properly sized for the pellet stove, properly insulated and waterproof, and meet local building code requirements. Vents should be monitored to ensure proper ventilation and free airflow.

Multi-fuel pellet stoves are designed to run on several different types of fuel, such as corn, cherry pits, wood pellets, and wheat. It’s important to research the venting system for each of these fuels to ensure that proper venting is being used.

Pellet Storage

Pellet storage will vary from model to model, and the size of the home, as well as the burning rate. Generally, you should plan for a two to four-week burn.

Smaller stoves typically require one to two 4.5 to 40 pound bags of pellets while larger stoves need a larger amount. It is important to have enough pellets to meet the estimated burn rate, but not too much so that none go to waste.


A good pellet stove furnace should be easy to clean, with a burn pot that is simple to remove and clean out ash. The stove should also include an efficient cleaning brush and cleaning system to ensure maximum efficiency.

It is important to check the warranty and maintenance records to ensure that any problems can be fixed quickly and covered by the warranty. Look for a stove that has a yearly pellet stove maintenance check from the manufacturer to ensure it is running properly and is safe to use.

Safety Features

Look for a furnace with a fireclay brick liner that will reduce the risk of chimney fires. Also, ensure that the unit is equipped with an interlock safety system known as “fire shutdown”. This will help protect your home and family from accidental fires.

Your pellet stove should come equipped with an emergency shutoff feature, which will turn the unit off in the event of a power outage. Consider choosing a unit with an automatic over-fire protection system that will shut the unit down in the event of too much heat buildup in the room or house.

Noise Level

You want to be sure your pellet stove furnace is quiet and unobtrusive so that you aren’t running into any problems with excess noise coming from the unit. First, it’s important to read reviews about existing models.

Be on the lookout for forum posts and customer feedback on the company’s website that talk about noise levels. Visit stores and showrooms to hear the different models for yourself. Take note of any motors or fans that are active in the stove, as this could contribute to the overall noise level.


The warranty should provide ample coverage for the time period that you are likely to use the furnace and should include both parts and labor. It should also include all the necessary services required for optimal performance of the furnace, such as maintenance and repair.

Fuel Availability and Cost

It is important to research the availability of the type of fuel used to heat the stove – this may include wood pellets, corn, or cherry pits. You should check the costs associated with purchasing the fuel and transportation costs.

Cost Considerations When Buying a Pellet Stove Furnace

Having done your research, you’re now ready to shop for a pellet stove furnace. Get the best efficiency from your stove by looking for an energy-efficient model with good customer reviews and a warranty that covers repairs and replacements. Buy the right size for your home for the best results. Ready to shop?

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