SaaS Tools Your Business Needs to Compete

When the Internet first became available for widespread use, most businesses had no idea how to implement this strange new tool. As a result, the adoption of the Internet was slow, and the main entity that benefitted from its early existence was the government. Now, the story has completely changed.

Many companies now rely heavily on the Internet for all their operations. Some business models are built entirely with this infrastructure in mind, such as e-commerce brands. You can shop for almost anything as a consumer online, so businesses have had no choice but to utilize this tool effectively.

One category of products that many brands are benefitting from is the SaaS sector, also known as software as a service. These are tools that companies can use to improve their operations using software programs, all of which are hosted on the Internet rather than downloaded onto specific devices. In particular, the hosted ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions within the SaaS sector provide comprehensive and integrated business management, streamlining various processes. Here are some SaaS tools, including hosted ERP options, that your company may need to compete.

Customer Relationship Manager

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a type of tool that helps businesses collect data, track transactions, and maximize the sales process in relation to customer interactions. SaaS CRMs provide many benefits for companies in various industries. Automated data entry can cut down on the amount of busy work your employees have to do. A centralized hub for all this data makes it accessible to whatever department or employee needs it. When you use multiple applications for business operations in the customer relationship sector, those apps can all be integrated with the right CRM. This tool screams greater efficiency for your company as you foster better processes involving customer relationships.

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Internal Communication Platform

Communication is the key to a happy marriage, and the same can be said of a productive company. When your employees or departments are not on the same page, it can be hard to maintain smooth operations. Internal communication must be fostered, and the right tool can accomplish that. Services like Slack allow you to create various channels of communication, sharing ideas, documents, and even video conferences to improve how teams get projects done. Many of these services also integrate well with project management tools for simple task assignments.

Enterprise Resource Planning

An ERP is more of a holistic tool to help businesses function more efficiently. It can be a conglomeration of many other applications that manage various tasks your team has to carry out. Supply chain execution, human resources, project management, customer relationships, financial management, and more can all be hosted by applications in an ERP. Businesses that use a SaaS ERP can enjoy greater unity and communication while eliminating busy work for employees. Implementing an ERP can sometimes be overwhelming as the transition may be complicated, but services like GSI can help you manage the switch seamlessly.


Keeping track of your finances is a necessity. Your company must always have an accurate record of your revenue, expenses, and taxes so that you are in line with all federal and state laws. Plus, mistakes in your accounting could result in unexpected losses or overestimating business resources. Many accounting services are considered SaaS because you can access these tools through the Internet. The perk of using these platforms, such as Quickbooks, is better bookkeeping within the company, which ensures your leadership team fully understands the brand’s financial situation. Then, when tax time comes around, you can feel confident that all your returns and deductions are accurate so the IRS does not come knocking.


Another branch of the company that could use some help to keep up with competitors is marketing. Communicating with customers is a pillar of every company that has seen success. Many of these top brands have accomplished their goals thanks to the effective management of their marketing departments. A service like MailChimp can streamline your email marketing campaigns. Hubspot is another company that offers SaaS solutions for marketing, especially in terms of inbound marketing. A marketing SaaS could do everything from organizing your marketing team members to automating specific channels depending on the specific tool that you choose.

SaaS Tools Lighten Your Workload

The main reason for using these SaaS tools that can be accessed via the Internet is lighter workloads. You and your team can experience more freedom by eliminating many of the tasks that used to require manual work. Now, they can be automated or at least sped up by online tools. Additionally, SaaS tools will free up other business resources that can be invested in areas of greater importance. Consider the benefits of the programs and how they can make your company more efficient, increasing the chances of remaining competitive.

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