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Reasons your site is suddenly not getting as many visitors

There are times when you’re running a website that everything seems to be going just fine, only to find that you suddenly experience a drop-off in traffic that you didn’t expect. You’ll want to be able to put your finger on what’s going on quickly as this will ensure that you can make improvements sooner rather than later. With this in mind, here are a few issues that you could be encountering.

Updates from search engine algorithm

From time to time, the major search engines will change the algorithm that they’re using to rank pages and your site may be at the brunt end of these alterations. To help rectify the issue, you’re going to need to know what has changed, or you can always seek out the best SEO company in Spring, TX. This way, you can make the necessary changes to the site that will help you to get ranked where you need to all over again. Keeping a close eye on any algorithm changes should be considered one of your major responsibilities as a site owner.

Putting up lots of low-quality content

Perhaps there has been a sudden drop due to an increase in low-quality content pumping onto the site. On these occasions, you need to look closer at what you’re putting up, and checking to ensure that it’s well-written and isn’t plagiarized. You also need to review your content plan to ensure that you’re linking to interesting and engaging content. It’s also worth putting in the right external and internal links as you need to think about the user journey and where they’ll be heading to after your visiting your page.

Too many dead links

You need to conduct regular reviews on your site to look at any links that are no longer functioning properly, ensuring that you’re taking steps to address this problem as and when you need to. If your site is full of dead links, then you’re likely to be penalized as it looks to the search engines that your site isn’t being well looked after. As a direct result of this, you may well find that you start to slip down the rankings. Ultimately, this is a fairly simple problem to address, but you need to make sure that you remain fully on top of it.

Slow website speed

Perhaps the speed of your site has dropped off suddenly, which has led to a corresponding drop in ranking. There are a few different reasons for a slow website speed, but a big part of this can come down to having too many larger media files on the site that are causing an issue.

If your site has had a sudden drop of traffic, these are just a few of the factors that could be causing the issue. Therefore, it’s certainly going to be worth looking at them in closer detail to identify whether the issue can be easily addressed with one of these quick fixes.

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