Preventative Measures to Keep Carpets Safe in Rain

Rain can make it difficult to clean and maintain every precious thing under your roof. Upholstery cleaning Burlington is the right option to consider for those luxurious carpets during the wet season.

You cannot stop your friends from coming, nor can you prevent your kids or pets from getting over your carpets. The same way, you can also not stop water from leaking through pipes or rain damaging your carpets. There are such things you cannot keep under control, but some preventive measures can keep your carpeted floors from getting damaged.

Carpet Cleaning and Upkeep During Rain

Rain can damage your surroundings and also the interior of your house. In all likelihood, water can make your dear carpets messy. Carpets become untidy and get into a worse state during the wet season. However, cleaning and maintaining them during rain is quite a tedious job. Muddy feet, untidy footwear, animal fur, humidity, many things can cause damage to your carpet. However, it is ideal to opt for professional carpet and couch cleaning services in Burlington since the wet season is the peak time when microbial actions rise.


Wet carpets turn into the nest for molds, bacteria, microbes, and more. The ideal measure to avoid harmful elements from making their homes on your carpet is to keep it clean and dry during the wet seasons.

Here are some practical guidelines to help you get a healthy and fresh environment in your carpeted house during wet seasons.

Remove your footwear out before entering the house.

It is better to be safe than sorry! Therefore, it is good to command that outdoor footwear is not allowed inside, and indoor footwear should not be allowed outdoors. This rule is the perfect way to keep your carpeted floors clean, fresh and lasting. Keep a shoe cabinet near your entrance or right in front of the door. This simple rule can save you a considerable amount of time, energy, and money.

Have a doormat in front of the main entrance.

Doormats also play a crucial role in keeping the soil away and maintaining the neatness of your house. The ideal spot to place the doormats is the entrance or the high-traffic points like the front doors. Even if you walk outside in indoor slippers or sandals, these mats can handle it. The granular soil and grimes can settle in carpet fibers which causes the carpet wear and tear. However, change the mat as early as you encounter the signs of damage.

How to Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Company?

Clear out rain damages with a quality stain removal.

Once you encounter those unavoidable actions on your carpet, you need to take immediate fast action:

  1. Absorb sogginess and moisture with a clean, absorbent cloth.
  2. Blow-dry the carpet with a drying machine if the cloth stops absorbing water anymore.
  3. If you find a stain, wipe the spot with a clean cloth.

Prefer to take a white cloth since it will help you assess the intensity of the stain. Once done, wipe the spot with another clean cloth soaked with white vinegar. While clearing out mud, keep in mind that mud is water-soluble. However, it doesn’t need any chemical-based solution. Just see that it doesn’t get soaked into the carpet fibers. Finally, opt for professional carpet cleaners, immediately to get the best results if the damage to your carpet is caused due to rain.

Make use of a dehumidifier.

Humid temperature, rain, and the wet season are the ideal unavoidable factors to encourage mold growth and development on your carpeted floors at a fast pace. Your carpets are most likely to get excessively moist or dampened during these seasons. Dirt and dust easily nest in the damp carpets. Furthermore, your furry pet friends can also leave their fur on your carpets during this time of year. That can indeed pose a serious hygiene problem. A dehumidifier plays a significant role in lowering the humidity level.

Moreover, it also reduces musty smells and the growth of mildew. Finally, a dehumidifier is easy to install. So, get it the soonest possible and have a comfortable environment.

Vacuum the carpeted floor regularly.

Stains, dirt, stubborn dirt are pretty tricky to remove. However, it is ideal for vacuuming your carpeted floor and upholstery at least once in seven to ten days. Rain invites dirt, mud, and other unwanted particles to your home. To ensure the beauty and longevity of your carpet, you need to spend a considerable amount of time caring for and pamper the item. Regular vacuuming is an excellent way to keep dirt and stains at bay, maintain fiber health, and lower the time needed for effective cleaning.

Take preventative measures to handle wetness.

Never sit on your carpet while having meals. Food spills can quickly get scattered on the carpet. If it happens anyhow, vacuum the mess immediately to prevent stubborn staining. If you encounter dark patches, dampness, or water spills, promptly remove them with a dryer. The moist atmosphere can sooner make it impossible to get rid of the stains and smells if overlooked for a long time. In addition, ignorance can help severe health problems nest freely on the carpet fibers. To prevent the growth of dampness and microbes, turn on the fan and activate your dehumidifier, and dry vacuum the floor immediately.

For severe water damage, it is ideal to call professionals.

You should, most preferably, opt for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning Burlington to address the damages in the most extreme cases. Professionals know how to handle the job effectively and what are the right products to use. In addition, they have the right skills and gadgets to work on water damage restoration efficiently and minimize the consequences as quickly as possible.

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