Are Pre-engineered Buildings Cheaper than Custom Made?

Technology is shaping every part of today’s world. It is making the construction industry and other such industries work quicker and more efficiently. The new trend that technology has brought into town is pre-engineered buildings. This is a breakthrough technology that reduces time, cost, and labor. The primary reason is that many industries need a workspace without many vertical columns taking up the space.

Apart from that, there are many other reasons why many are choosing pre-engineered buildings. As the leading Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) manufacturer, we are going to list all the benefits PEBs have over custom-made structures.

1. Tested for quality:

Every component of the PEB gets tested for quality. All processes undergo strict quality control protocols to abide by government regulations. The strength of individual parts gets measured and then the integrity of those tiny parts as a whole part is also tested. Thus making the products long-lasting ones.

2. Time-saving:

Building on-site is a tiresome process that consumes a lot of time. When you opt for Pre-Engineered Buildings, you reduce the time to build significantly. All elements get built in a facility, and you only have to assemble them on the site. While custom-made structures are also time-saving options, it takes longer to install. Workers do not have prior experience because of the custom dimensions and substructures. Making PEBs the time-saving option.

3. Less waste:

The world is moving towards an eco-friendly approach in almost every industry. You can say the same for the construction industry as well. A lot of materials go to waste when you use conventional construction methods. For example, using concrete uses up a lot of water. Also, not all the concrete mixture gets entirely utilized. But, by using Pre-Engineered Buildings, one can effectively reduce their carbon footprint. It takes less material to precisely build a wall using the PEB method than custom-made methods as well.

4. Seismic soundness:

A wall made out of concrete is not very flexible. It might shatter due to the vibrations passed on to the building during seismic events. However, a structure made out of steel and well-designed frames give your building the flexibility it needs during an earthquake. Structures like these experience less damage in comparison. They are not much rigid, making them easily transfer vibrations without sustaining any permanent damage.

5. Easy renovation:

Easy Renovation

When you find good Pre-Engineered buildings suppliers, stick to them. Because it makes renovation easier and more reliable for your future expansion. They will use the same standards as before. Furthermore, they will also ensure that the integrity of the whole structure is at a good level. You can also remove or reuse the already existing features of the Pre-Engineered buildings.

6. Low maintenance:

PEBs often use materials that can withstand the weather. The initial quality of the materials is higher. But, the future maintenance charge is lower. Making it the best solution for long-term applications. They can withstand harsh environments. Thus, making them suitable for factories and industrial buildings. Unlike the traditional concrete ceilings, these do not dampen over time due to water accumulation. Thus, reducing the chances of moss formation and structural damage. Again, leading to lower maintenance costs and intervals.

7. Wind resistance:

Do you want to set up a factory in a windy area? Or where storms are frequent? If that’s the case, using Pre-Engineered buildings might just be the best option. Concrete buildings are brittle. Hence, it doesn’t allow for bending. Thus, resulting in permanent structural damage and higher costs in rebuilding the structure according to safety standards.

Pre-engineered structures offer you more ductility. They can withstand forces higher than that of other conventional structures. Moreover, it also has the capability to bend. Enabling them to transfer the load over to the ground. When constructing tall buildings, it is always safer to go for flexible structures than for rigid ones that fail and cause catastrophes.

Now, that we have listed all the benefits, let’s answer one of the most important questions.

So, are they more affordable than custom-made structures?

Yes! They are more affordable than custom-made structures. Simply because there are no specific demands like a special structure or attachment. It is simply a side frame, ceiling, or substructure. Most custom-made structures take a lot of time to develop. Every stage of development takes extra care and additional resources. Thus, making Pre-Engineered Buildings the affordable option.


If building a cost-effective building is your goal, contacting a Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) manufacturer should be your first step. We hope you choose the modern way of building to stay smarter and safer!

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