Platinum Blunts vs. Regular Blunts: What Sets Them Apart?

Whether for fun or thanks to doctor’s orders, data shows that there are over 200 million people today who use cannabis. There are many methods by which the users administer this drug into their system. Blunts are one such method.

What Are Blunts?

Blunts are basically hollowed-out cigars filled with cannabis. This isn’t a fringe trend. Statistics paint a picture of growing popularity. Back in 2020, a study revealed that a striking 66% of cannabis users had smoked blunts in the past year, with about 40% having enjoyed one in the previous month.

But not all blunts are created equal. You’ve got your platinum blunts, known for their flair and flavour, and then you have the regular ones. But what exactly sets them apart? This guide will cut through the smoke and give you a clear look at both so you make the right choice.

Platinum Blunts

Here’s what makes this type of blunts stand out:

  • Material Quality

Blunts are all about the quality weed, but that’s not all. The wrappers count, too. With platinum blunts, you get a wrapper made from a high-quality tobacco blend. This results in a smooth taste you’ll not forget and a slow burn that makes it last longer.

  • Flavour Variety

Why stick to one old cookie-cutter experience when there are different flavours you can try? Traditional tobacco flavours? You’re well-covered. If the ‘old is gold’ mantra doesn’t fit the bill, how about you go for watermelon or blueberry? Or maybe you’re feeling a little bit adventurous. In that case, you can experiment with French vanilla or chocolate. You’re not short of options.

  • Convenience and Quality

You’ve probably got that guy in your squad who’s the expert roller. But what about when they rain check, but you still want to have a session? This is where platinum blunts can make a huge difference. They’re designed so you can roll smoothly without the wrap cracking or tearing. They also come with high-quality gum along the edge that keeps them once you’ve rolled up.

platinum blunts or regular blunts

These are some of the features that make premium blunts. Now over to regular blunts.

Regular Blunt

Do you prefer the good old approach to smoking cannabis? Then regular blunts may be for you. Here’s what characterizes this type:

  • Traditional Flavour and Feel

If you’ve got the old-is-gold mindset, regular blunts may be the way to go. These pack a punch, thanks to their more classic smoking experience.

Of course, the tobacco wrap comes home with its own unique flavour, giving you that interplay you’ll not forget. But unlike platinum blunts, this is where the flavours end.

Regular isn’t big on variety. It’s about giving you the natural blend of tobacco and cannabis. So, don’t expect bursting flavours or fancy wraps. It’s all about a straightforward approach to smoking.

  • Stronger Effect

Regular blunts may fit the bill if you’re craving a stronger, unadulterated effect. The combination of tobacco and cannabis in these blunts can create quite a potent effect. Further, the nicotine in the tobacco wrap can add to the overall intensity of the high.

  • Cultural Significance

You may prefer regular to platinum blunts if you’re one for the culture. In the hip-hop and rap communities, for example, regular blunts present the laid-back communal smoking culture, aka the puff-puff-pass. Gathering your inner circle for one such session adds to the good times.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

You can make some serious cash savings when going regular as compared to platinum blunts. That, of course, depends on where you buy them and what brands you go for. This makes them a practical choice for regular smokers.

So, Platinum Blunts or Regular Blunts?

If you’re looking for a premium smoking experience and don’t mind the tobacco, you’d do well to go with platinum. However, if you’re looking for that good old unadulterated experience with the straightforward taste of cannabis, you may go for regular blunts. It all boils down to what exactly you want.

Do keep in mind, though, that there are health concerns associated with cannabis use. According to the CDC, about 30% of marijuana users develop some degree of marijuana use disorder. As with any substance, moderation and awareness of potential risks are key.

FYI: This information is all well and good, based on what we know so far. But remember, everyone’s different. To get the best input on how cannabis might affect you, talk to your healthcare provider. They can give you the personalised information you need and ensure it aligns with your overall health.

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