Office Supply Organization Ideas for Easier Access

Can’t find a pen when you need one? Not sure where you put that all-important accounts file? Tired of having to share your working space with a pile of papers?

Whether your desk is a disaster or you’re looking to upgrade your home office, organization is key to a calm, comfortable, and efficient working space. And that means having plenty of storage options for all your essential papers, stationery, and more.

Want to make your workspace more zen? Keep reading for the best office supply organization ideas!

Invest in Under-Desk Drawers

If, like 80 percent of remote workers, you work from home, one of our top home office organization tips is to invest in a desk with drawers. Or, if you already have a desk, you should try to find a set of drawers that you can tuck underneath it.

Drawers are perfect for storing items away quickly and keeping your desk free of clutter. And, unlike shelves, they don’t interfere with the room’s wall decor.


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Divide and Conquer

In need of office supply storage ideas for making sure your drawers don’t serve as a disorganized stationery dumping ground? Use drawer dividers to keep your paperclips, pens, and other office supplies neat and separate! They’re also easy to remove or rearrange if necessary.

Along the same lines, heavy-duty folders are great for keeping all your papers together. But using the best custom binder tabs around from will make it easier to find the exact file you’re looking for in a flash.

Store and Stack

Almost everything might be digital nowadays, but many office environments still have to keep paper backup copies of certain documents. For files and papers that you won’t need to access anytime soon, stackable boxes with easy identification labels are a must. As well as being simple to stack up in a cupboard or closet, these boxes are sturdy enough to hold tons of files and come with a lock-tight lid to prevent spillages.

Make It Portable

It can be difficult to find suitable office organization ideas when you don’t have a dedicated workspace. Whether it’s because you’re working from your kitchen table or you’re hot-desking at the office, another of our winning office organization tips is to transform a storage cart into a mini office supply closet!

You can then personalize it with dividers, containers, and pouches for placing everything from pens to folders. And, since your office supplies are on wheels, they can travel around your workspace with you for optimal accessibility!

Office Supply Organization Ideas

As these office supply organization ideas show, keeping your work materials tidy and accessible doesn’t have to mean investing in expensive office supply closets or turning your spare room into a stationery store.

Instead, your priority should be to use simple storage solutions that help you keep your items together but separate, and within easy reach but still tucked away.

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