Montenegro with Kids: A Guide to Family Holiday in Montenegro

Montenegro sometimes referred to as the “black mountain” or “Mediterranean pearl” is a compelling holiday destination for families looking for a blend of nature, adventure, and education.

Known for its sunny weather and Mediterranean culture, it is an ideal place for families to explore together.

When choosing activities and destinations for a family holiday in Montenegro, it’s important to find the right balance to keep the family engaged and happy. The key is mixing interactive experiences for kids with amenities and attractions that allow parents to enjoy themselves too. We all know how challenging is to travel with kids.

This guide will highlight why Montenegro is a top family-friendly destination in Europe, recommend the best times to visit, suggest top kid-approved attractions around the country, and provide tips to help families make the most out of their Montenegro family vacation.

Why Choose Montenegro for Your Family Holiday

Montenegro’s mountains and peaks are perfect for hiking, stretches of beautiful coastline and beaches for swimming and playing, and cultural attractions like museums and historic towns to spark kids’ imaginations, Montenegro offers a one-of-a-kind spot for families.

Educational experiences abound as well, from exploring ancient old towns to learning about amazing national parks.

Families can enjoy cultural experiences together in Montenegro, like wandering the pedestrian streets of an old fortified town like Kotor or sampling family-style cuisine at a local restaurant on Ada Bojana.

Museums, national parks, and beaches provide interactive educational opportunities for children of all ages. Budva’s medieval town offers a glimpse into centuries past with narrow alleys and old churches. At the same time, Skadar Lake National Park provides a living classroom to explore Montenegro’s wildlife and birdwatching, and many things to do in Podgorica for example.

The compact size of Montenegro means families can easily mix adventures in the mountains, explorations of history and culture, and relaxing beach getaways throughout a 7-day family holiday.

Best Time to Visit Montenegro with Kids

Montenegro enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and nice winters. The warmest weather lasts from June through September when high temperatures average in the 35c. The shoulder seasons of late spring and early fall see very nice weather with around 20 to 25c, while winter temperatures typically are around 10-15c on the seaside and below 0 in the north.

The best times for enjoying the beach and swimming are June and August. Families may want to avoid peak heat in mid-summer. Spring and fall allow for comfortable exploring towns and nature without intense heat or crowds, and if you are lucky with good weather conditions you can swim in the Adriatic Sea.

To time a holiday around kid-centered events, late winter/early spring offers fun like Carnival along the seaside and various children’s theatre programs. Summer kicks off with Children’s Art Festivals in Kotor while various children’s festivals pop up at coastal resort areas from May to September.

Top Family-Friendly Destinations in Montenegro

The vibrant coastal towns like Budva, Kotor, Ulcinj, and Tivat make excellent bases for families. Offering beaches, boating, medieval streets to wander, and resort amenities, these towns balance adventure and relaxation.

Kotor’s UNESCO-designated medieval streets are fun to get lost in while Budva is known for sandy beaches like Mogren Beach and Jaz, perfect for swimming and building sandcastles.

Inland in Montenegro’s mountains contains exploring for outdoorsy families, with Durmitor National Park providing opportunities like hiking, rafting, and spotting wildlife like bears and wolves. Scenic towns like Žabljak offer mountain air and proximity to the national park without sacrificing amenities.

History buffs will love exploring the well-preserved Roman and Venetian architecture found in old port cities like Budva, Bar, and Kotor. Museums also in Montenegro, like the historical maritime museum in Kotor, and offerings in Podgorica like the Natural History Museum of Montenegro, a good rainy day option for families.

In Podgorica, pay a visit to the Petrovic Palace for an interactive display explaining the importance of the royal Montenegro’s history. The Museum of Evolution showcases interesting animal specimens.

Family-Friendly Accommodations

Carefully choosing accommodation for a family trip can make a big difference. Hotels with adjoining rooms, suites with separation between parents and children, and access to on-site restaurants, pools, playgrounds, or kid’s clubs are great perks for vacationing families.

Some great family hotels to consider are the Azul Beach Resort in Ulcinj near Velika Plaza offering indoor and outdoor pools, kids’ entertainment, and family suites. Also, Splendin in Becici Beach is among the best family holiday hotels in Montenegro.

When booking, inquire about the cancellation policy, including meals like kids eat free options or breakfast, nearby attractions and dining, available cribs and children’s beds, and any childcare or kids entertainment offered.

Eating Out with Kids in Montenegro

Montenegro’s cuisine offers plenty for families to enjoy together. Fresh Mediterranean ingredients like grilled seafood, olives, tomatoes, cured hams, and sheep’s cheese are staples. Children will like “pljeskavica”, hamburgers made of a spicey beef and pork patty or meatballs, as well as pizza and pasta dishes.


Family-run “konoba” restaurants like Konobas near Sveti Stefan are relaxed spots to sample local specialties. Restaurants in Djenovici have pretty sea views and children’s menus while Pod Volat in Podgorica offers play areas and menus for kids.

Restaurants often allow parents to request smaller portions for kids. Choosing spots near parks or beaches allows for kids to play after meals.

Adventure and Activities for Kids in Montenegro

With over 100 miles of coastline and the sparkling Adriatic Sea, Montenegro promises plenty of water fun for families. Between lazy beach days building sandcastles, swimming in calm bays, or trying out water sports, the mountain-framed beaches offer holiday magic.

Top family beaches include Jaz Beach, Becici, Velika Plaza, Buljarica, and Zanjice Beach due to their gentle waves, soft sand, and nearby amenities.

Durmitor National Park presents family-friendly hiking trails including short interpretive trails best for little legs. Lake and river kayaking provides another chance to be immersed in stunning nature.

Zipline and ropes adventures built for a range of skill levels allow kids as young as 3 can join in.

Historical areas like Kotor and Budva’s Old Towns stimulate kids’ curiosity and imagination as they discover old fortresses, churches, piazzas, and winding cobblestone lanes.

Practical Tips for Traveling in Montenegro with Kids

Having a car allows flexibility for families to explore Montenegro’s different regions on holiday.

Rental cars are readily available or consider hiring a driver for ease. Be sure car seats are requested in advance if needed. Public transportation like buses connects major towns inexpensively though scheduling requires more advanced planning.

Water safety, wearing hats, and sun protection for all family members, having needed medications on hand, taking care on uneven walkways, and being aware of general safety are all important considerations when visiting abroad with kids.

While English is fairly widely spoken in main tourist regions, picking up a few useful Montenegrin phrases helps bridge any communication gaps kids may encounter like saying hello (Zdravo), please (Molim), and thank you (Hvala).

Being aware of paying proper greetings and showing courtesy when interacting with locals helps ensure positive experiences.

Creating a Memorable Family Itinerary in Montenegro

With limited time, families on vacation may want to focus on a region or two of Montenegro. A week exploring the coast allows for beach time, water sports, and great ancient port towns like Herceg Novi, Budva, and Kotor. Mixing the cultural sites around Kotor with adventure at Lovcen National Park also creates a balanced itinerary.

For more extensive family holidays, budget more time to mix relaxation on the coast with adventures in Montenegro’s national parks and heritage sites.

A 10 to 14-day trip could allow families a few days enjoying the beaches and towns around Budva then head north to the mountain at Durmitor National Park for alpine hiking.

The key is balancing stimulating activities for kids like boat trips to discover hidden coves, hands-on visits to museums, or a seaside amusement park with a chill beach and dining time for decompressing.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning your Montenegro family holiday make sure to pay attention to things we highlighted in our guide.

With heaps of natural beauty begging to be explored, rich cultural traditions, activities ranging from high-thrill adventures to blissful beachgoing, pleasant weather ideal for families, and enough modern amenities to keep everyone comfortable, Montenegro offers an extraordinary vacation option for families.

Outdoor lovers will be awed, history buffs intrigued, and gourmands satisfied. The hardest part is likely choosing which of the myriad treasures of Montenegro to experience as there truly is something to dazzle family members of every age.

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