Montecristo White Series Cigars: Comparison of counterfeit and Original Brand

Among cigar aficionados, Montecristo cigars have become their anthem for their exemplary quality. The Montecristo white series cigars were invented in 1935, Cuba and have generated great trust among their customers due to their flawless construction, remarkable flavor, and quality. Upholding its originality, the Montecristo cigars have been created with hand-selected Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper, Nicaraguan binders, and Dominican fillers.

Are you a cigar lover and love using cigars with medium strength but still have an exceptional feeling? The Montecristo white series is the best choice. Read more and have a glimpse of what to expect when you choose to buy the Montecristo white series cigars.

What is unique in Montecristo white series cigars?

The white series line of Montecristo cigars is hand-made in the Dominican Republic. The cigars are manufactured from tobacco leaves grown on the rich, warm soils of Ecuador. The warm weather conditions and soil composition of the region allows the leave to mature with a thick aroma and flavor.

Silk-golden, blond Connecticut Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan binders, and Nicaraguan& Dominican filler tobacco make the hand-made cigars bring about their exceptional quality.  The white series have mild-medium tobacco strength. Additionally, its medium body construction delivers a sweet earthy, floral, and vanilla flavor soothing all the organoleptic notes in your body.

Appearance is key in attracting customers to buy any product. The Montecristo white series has an incredible head, which has improved its valuation in the markets. Following a great appreciation in the market, the Montecristo white series cigars will earn you great respect among the smokers’ club. Get the Montecristo white series cigars and have a taste of this gem if you haven’t.

How would you tell the difference between an original Montecristo cigar and a counterfeit?

Every manufacturer is working hard to see the success of his dream. Montecristo white series cigars have earned great trust and acceptance in the market, but they face competition from competitive counterfeit brands like any other products. How will you know whatever you are adding to your cart is an original or fake Montecristo cigar?

  • Check the band

An original white series Montecristo cigar has a brown band with gold lines.  White lines border the gold lines on the band. In the middle of the band lies encryption of the Fleur-de-Lis gold symbol, a French word symbolizing loyalty. Moreover, Habana writings on either end of the cigars, so when buying your Montecristo, do a thorough scrutinizing of the product to know you are taking what you expected.

  • The gold lines

The gold lines on the band have a uniform color with the French loyalty symbol. The difference between the symbol and the squiggles is that the squiggles are not raised; thus, you won’t feel it with the hands. The lines are wavy with a symmetrical pattern that runs around the cigar. When you stumble across a cigar with a faded marking, broken or uneven lines, that means you are holding a fake Montecristo.

  • Fluer-de-lis symbol

This French symbol is a defining feature of the Montecristo white series cigars. The Fluer-de-Lis is raised on the authentic Montecristo, and you will feel it when you run your finger over it. The symbol is strategically centered on the band. Therefore, one would tell a fake brand is the symbols is flats, can’t be felt by the finger, and its positioning in the center is compromised.

  • Band color

The band coloring has been improved such that it shines under proper lighting. An original Montecristo cigar has a glossy red-brown color. A fake Montecristo will assume a green-like coloring or a fading sienna color.


  • Taste

Some of the fraudulent manufacturers will try all means to hide their tracks. You will find the band and outer appearance f the cigar is right, but the inner contents are compromised. Buy a Montecristo white series cigar, light it up, and have a taste of the smoke. Real Montecristo cigars have a rich taste of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco. The flavor notes of sweet coconut and roasted almond, vanilla, earthy floral, and roasted coffee bean aromas are highly noticeable. When you encounter a fake white series cigar, you can find that it only has one continuous taste, or you feel like the normal machine manufactured cigarettes.

  • The wrapper, binder, and Filler thickness

Though a destructive approach, you would want to evaluate the originality of your Montecristo cigars further. Take a blade and cut open the head to visualize the wrapper and binder thickness. A real Montecristo cigar wrapper has an oily filling that gets hold of the sweet defining aromas and flavors. The wrappers should be thick to hold the filling oil. If the cigar you are examining has a thin and brittle wrapper, that concludes to be a fake brand.

The binder’s thickness is also another checkpoint when comparing a fake and original Montecristo cigar. An original brand will have not-so-thick and thin binding. Just be keen enough to tell the difference.

Montecristo cigars are hand-filled with long blends of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco leaves. If you notice that the filler in your cigar is short, then that is a counterfeit. Also, some people would try to outsmart the customers. They use long-fillers and hide short fillers in between. When you open your cigar and notices small debris falling off from the long-fillers, that means the filler has a mixture of short and long leaves. You should reject such a cigar since its originality is corrupted.


Montecristo white series cigars are premium products every cigar aficionado would love to be associated with. Examples of the Montecristo white series cigars include the Toro, Churchill, Rothchilde, Bellicoso, and No.3 Especial. The products have a slight difference in their prices, but the original Montecristo flavor and aroma is maintained throughout. It would be heartbreaking to spend your cash only to find that you bought a fake cigar. Take your time to understand the defining features of a real Montecristo cigar.

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