Making Custom Flag with Logo – Some Important Points to Consider

Compared to the other modes of promotions and advertising, custom flag is much easier and quicker to make and install. Usually, the design of a custom flag is influenced by your logo or theme, horizontal or vertical. You can also get many design ideas and materials for custom flag making at the flag stores offline and online.

If you want to make it vertical, then it is ideal to choose a square flag. However, there is no such rule of thumb regarding the shape you may choose for the same. The ideal size may have the dimensions like 3.5 feet x 2.5 feet to ensure that it can be seen from a distance at fairly big gatherings.

Logo design and reference

The simplest and most effective of getting the ideal proportion of the logo printed onto the custom flags is to make large copies of your logo. Ensure that you enlarge the logo design to an adequate size and use appropriate templates for creating custom flags. If you have to reproduce the log later, you can use this as the template by taping and lining the sheets to put the logo on the custom flags. Along with preparing your logo pattern to be put on to the flat, you may work on a proper background color also to be used on the flag.

It is also ideal for making some extra copies of the logo design for a larger and smaller size if you want to make custom flags of various sizes and shapes in the future. In this case, you need not have to reproduce the logo templates with various colors as you can make appropriate notations based on black and white reproduction of the design. While doing this, it is also important to prepare sharp images in which your logo and text details are shown properly. Remember that these copies may be used as your pattern to create the logo in custom flags.

Next, consider how you may make use of the reproduced copies of your logo? First, set aside one master copy of the logo as your guide. Put it on the bulletin board in your work area. This master version will be your reference while working with custom flags. Keep a sheet copy of your logo based on the color elements, which has to be followed the same way on the custom flags, and file it for reference.

Choosing the material for custom flag

Once you have the template ready for the logo segments and other design elements of your custom flags, next get the fabric of choice with required colors by approaching the custom flag stores. Explore various color variants in natural light to identify the perfectly matching one for your custom flag. The best choice of material for custom flags is satin or satin-like fabric. However, if you fail to find the exact color match, you may also settle with the closest matching colors for custom flags.

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