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Locksmiths Pros Best Tips For A Safe Home

Your home is where you and your family spend most of your time. Therefore, making an effort to ensure your home is safe and secure is essential. From keeping your doors locked and closed to checking whether the lights around your house are working at night, you can take several measures to make your home safe.

Protecting your home and property from the risk of theft and home invasion is crucial. LocksmithPros has created this guide to share some of the best tips for a safe home you should follow to keep you and your family safe.

1. Keep Your Doors Closed & Locked

Many people tend to leave their front doors unlocked, especially if they have bought a home in a safe neighborhood. Unfortunately, tragedy can strike anywhere, and no neighborhood is entirely safe from criminals. Many burglars choose to target homes in nice neighborhoods to exploit this fact. We highly recommend keeping your doors closed and locked at all times.

Children tend to be curious and friendly. An innocent child might not be aware of the danger of opening the doors to strangers. It is crucial to talk to your children about it and make sure they never open the door to strangers, no matter how curious they are about who is at the door. Instead, tell them always to find an adult at home and let them know if there is someone at the door.

Do make it a point to tell them that anyone who is a friend of their family will not mind waiting for an adult to come and answer the door. It can prevent them from opening doors to would-be criminals who might try to manipulate them into opening the doors.

2. Install Motion-Activated Security Lights

You can find a wide range of motion-activated lights you can install around your house. These lights have infrared sensors that trigger the switch and switch them on whenever the sensors pick up movement. Motion-activated security lights can deter would-be home intruders and alert you to any movement outside your home, helping you stay safe.

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3. Do NOT Share Personal Information on the Internet

One of the best tips for a safe home is being more mindful of your activities when using the internet. Keeping your family and property safe requires ensuring you do not share too much information on the internet. If you have public social media profiles, you should make it a point never to post anything that could give away your home’s location.

The world is dangerous, and you never know what kind of criminals are lurking out there searching for information on their “next gig.” Minimizing the information you share online can prevent your home from becoming a potential target for would-be burglars. You should know that 95% of all cybercrime and security breaches happen due to human error. Sharing your personal information online is one such mistake that constitutes human error.

4. Install Locks on Windows

Your home’s doors are the most obvious choice for an entry point that burglars might use for easy access. However, keeping the doors locked is not enough to secure your home. One of the best tips for a safe home is to install locks on all the windows around your house.

A criminal intent on stealing your property or putting you in harm’s way might not be easily swayed to reconsider just because you have locked the doors. Someone who really wants to steal your property or cause harm will try entering your house through the windows as well. Installing adequate locks for all the windows, no matter how inaccessible they might seem, is critical to keeping your home safe.

5. Stop Hiding Spare Keys Under the Welcome Mat

Do you have a habit of losing your keys? We have all been there, and it happens more often than anyone might like to admit. People who tend to lose their keys have a habit of hiding the spare keys near the front door, i.e., under the welcome mat.

A readily available spare key can be important if you ever lose your key or need someone to access your home in your absence. However, keeping it under the welcome mat leaves your home vulnerable. Criminals are well aware of this habit many people have and it is one of the first places they might check. Ideally, you should consider better hiding places or one of those hide-a-key products that are not obvious spots would-be criminals might check.

These five tips are a great way to start a home safety checklist you should follow to keep your home safe. For more advise from the professionals, check out locksmithspros.com.

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