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Kitchen and Bath Renovation Trends in 2022

2022 Kitchen and Bath Renovation Trends

As kitchens have evolved into multi-functional living places and bathrooms have evolved into a home spa vacation, kitchen and bathroom design have become increasingly important.

First, we’ll focus on the latter—precisely, professional bathroom trends for 2022. You can hire a bathroom renovation contractor, Mississauga, for any kind of bathroom renovations (mainly those involving extensions and general design or the addition of a walk-in shower). With little patience and DIY flair, you can make changes (lighting, bathroom tile, and wall accents). Keep reading to discover a few bathroom trends for 2022 that can assist you in planning your bathroom renovation with bathroom accessories Mississauga.

Freestanding Bathtubs

If you want a stunning new bath and installation isn’t an issue, a freestanding bath may be the best alternative. When you choose a freestanding bath, you have more choice over the design and placement of your new tub.

Freestanding baths are fantastic for long soaks. Although freestanding tubs are a new trend, we predict their popularity to grow this year! Freestanding tubs are more relaxing, but they give bathrooms a sleek and modern look. Freestanding tubs are perfect for creating a focal point in your bathroom because they stand alone. Unusual shapes of freestanding baths include claw-foot and egg shapes. You can also browse our bathtub faucet collection to discover the right fit for your tub. Learn more.

Showerheads and wet rooms

Walk-in showers and wet rooms contribute to the current trend by opening up a space.

With two showerheads, you can shower while your partner showers! Showers have grown in size in recent years, but we expect them to include two showerheads this year. You can find it in twin showerheads or one showerhead and one hand-held shower. Showerheads with two heads are not only practical but also luxurious!

Thermostatic 2-way shower systems allow customers to shower with alternate fixtures or fittings. This showerhead comes with a shower handset and hose kit, and it helps save water. Waterway and double interlock Flexible Hose The modern shower system is ideal for your bathrooms. Check out our low-cost, high-quality bathroom showers, backed by a 100% guarantee. These bathroom shower faucets come with a showerhead, a shower wall arm, and a bottom faucet for your bathtub. Learn more.

Bath Sink faucets

The bathroom sink can be stunningly designed in many ways. Every sink in the house might have a new design feature. A variety of finishes and textures are now available at various price levels.

Vessel bath sinks are elegant and save space, and they’re also cheap, durable, and easy to install. Vessel sinks are ideal for a small bathroom renovation. Various forms, colors, and sizes of vessel bath sinks are available with wall or counter-mounted faucets. The vessel sink’s high-gloss surface resists stains and flaking. With a unique design, it’s one of the best bathroom vanity items. Learn more.

While traditional kitchen design elements are sluggish to change, modern trends allow you to rethink with kitchen renovation contractor Mississauga to match your home’s taste.

kitchen and bath fixtures

Kitchen Wood Cabinets

Wood-stained kitchen cabinets will remain trendy in 2022, and however, people are becoming bolder with their kitchen color choices. This year, cool-toned cabinets are trending more than warm-toned cabinets. The all-wood kitchen cabinet organizes your inventory while providing a rustic touch to your kitchen. The wood-mode kitchen cabinet will look great with wood-paneled walls. Our kitchen accessories Mississauga offers a wide range of stylish and durable kitchen cabinet types for a fair price. Learn more.

Black Kitchen Sink

You’ll either love or hate this new kitchen trend. Here is a new trend in kitchen sinks: the black kitchen sink. Yes, black. Metal, ceramic, and even marble are available. A soft, dusty green provides an excellent backdrop for a traditional kitchen. Now is the time to order a lovely kitchen expansion. It’s a scratch-resistant corner kitchen sink with a draining basket for vegetables and fruits. The kitchen sink drain saves space on the counter while the vegetables dry. The drop-in unit’s bowl submerges pots and pans, making cleanup a breeze. Learn more.

Kitchen Soap Dispenser

An integrated soap dispenser eliminates soap bottle clutter-no more worrying about bottles falling into the sink while doing the dishes. Your dispenser’s size and design might match your kitchen’s decor. A soap dispenser is an essential item in any kitchen, and it’s a stylish soap container with a hidden soap reservoir. It can save space on your counter by eliminating the need for free-standing plastic soap bottles. It distributes hand soap and even lotion with a simple press. Learn more.


While classic kitchen and bath design aspects rarely change, new trends allow you to rethink materials, technology, storage, and color schemes to match your home’s style. A new kitchen or bathroom could be the key to unlocking your home’s potential! If so, contact our home renovations Mississauga staff to discuss your ideas and get your dream home living place.

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