Jewelry Trends of 2021: What Is Everyone Wearing?

Jewelry is such a personal thing, from the sparkling necklace and earring set to the classic single solitaire diamond engagement ring. Trends come and go but adorning yourself with beautiful jewelry is ever-changing.

Picking Your Piece

When it comes to choosing your jewelry or choosing jewelry for a loved one, it’s best to pick something you like, rather than specifically what’s fashionable right now.

Your jewelry should be a reflection of your personal style. For example, a classic charm bracelet or simple gold wedding band are pieces that can be worn daily for years to come.

Jewelry Fashions

Jewelry trends come and go, and sometimes a gorgeous accessory isn’t currently in style. From opulent designs to muted hues, it seems like all eyes are on the future of precious metals and stones.

There’s no way to predict what will be hot or not in five years, but these predictions can help you plan ahead and find ways to incorporate pieces into your wardrobe that will last for years to come.

9 Important Tips for Wearing Jewelry

Raw Natural Gold Nuggets

While jewelry has been known for being all about showcasing diamonds, pearls, and other gems, today, it’s all about expressing yourself through the way you wear your bling.

For many people, going for an alternative look with raw gold nuggets is a great option. Check out gold nugget jewelry and some of the beautiful design choices available.

Raw Stones

Forget sparkly clear diamonds expertly cut; raw stones are all the rage right now. This is a trend that will likely stick around for a long time.

The possibilities to design your own stone are endless with raw stones, which can be paired with gold or silver as well as other natural materials such as leather.

Ethical and Sustainable Pieces

While we love beautiful jewelry, it’s important to remember that every piece you buy has an impact on the world around you.

You can look for jewelry made with recycled materials or that’s ethically sourced, so it has less of an impact on the world, such as a reground permanent bracelet.

Minimalistic Jewelry Pieces

While these pieces are popular to wear now and have been trending for a while, they will likely remain popular choices.

Going minimalist with your jewelry choices allows you to save room in your jewelry box and leave room for some of the trendier items of tomorrow.

While trends are a great way to get creative with your jewelry, try focusing on a piece or two that really speaks to you if you’re looking for ways to express yourself through your accessories.

Vintage Is Back

There are new ways to incorporate old jewelry styles into new looks.

In this new “retro-chic” movement, people are embracing vintage jewelry with a twist.
For example, you can wear an Old English style diamond ring on a modern chain or a sea turtle tracking bracelet featuring simulated diamonds in vintage fashion.

The trend is great for those who aren’t looking to invest in expensive raw diamonds or gemstones but want something fashionable and eye-catching that’s unique.

Handcrafted Pieces

Thinking about where something came from, how it was made, and whether other people can appreciate the effort that went into designing a piece is important to you.

Handcrafted jewelry pieces are worth the extra money for many people because they can feel like an heirloom or sentimental piece that reminds them of loved ones and life events.

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