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Is Your Home Ready to be Put on the Market?

Are you planning to sell a property? Perhaps you’ve outgrown the first-ever home you bought, or your kids have fled the nest, and you want somewhere with fewer empty bedrooms. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to be absolutely sure your house is ready to be sold before putting it on the market. Tick off all the following tasks before doing so!

Perform Necessary Repairs

Most people don’t want to buy a home with many problems. As such, performing any necessary repairs before putting the property on the market is important. Be sure to check common problem areas, such as plumbing and roofing.

Property Upgrades

If you want to sell your house for as much money as possible, consider performing property upgrades. It might take more time, but you could make a greater profit. Some desirable upgrades include kitchen remodels, window replacements, deck additions, and floor heating.

Consider Auctioning

Selling a home the traditional way makes sense most of the time. Still, you should consider whether auctioning is a good idea for your needs. With an auction, you can sell the house much faster. A bidding war may even mean you get more money for the property.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

While spending time sprucing up the interior to appeal to homebuyers is important, don’t forget about curb appeal! When potential buyers come to view the home, their first impression will be made immediately upon arrival when they are faced with the front of the property. So, to ensure they leave with positive thoughts about the place, spend some time gardening and power washing the front of the property.

Make the House Presentable

It might seem obvious, but it’s worth pointing out: a presentable house will always attract more viewers. The large bedrooms and spacious garden aren’t enough – you need to spend some time making the place feel like a home. After all, the potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves living there. Little additions like keeping the lamps on, ensuring a comfortable temperature, and putting greenery around the place will go a long way.

Determine the Asking Price

Don’t put your home on the market before coming up with a sensible asking price. The best way to do that? With a sales valuation. House valuations show the market value of the house, using information like number of bedrooms, previous sale prices, attached land, condition, size, and much more to give you an accurate number. By understanding the ins and outs of its value, you’ll have more control during the selling process and find negotiating a lot easier.

Find a Listing Agent

Before your home goes on the market, you will need to find a listing agent. Finding the right one can take a bit of work. Generally, it’s best to go with an experienced listing agent with a strong track record of good marketing skills.

The Bottom Line

A lot of work goes into making sure a property is ready for the market. While you might want to sell as soon as possible, don’t rush it! Spending more time on repairs and presentation can mean you get more offers.

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