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Is Your Air Conditioner Overworked? Heres Why

The weather has been a little iffy this year, no?

While the mild season is a boon to our wardrobe and our skin, it can be stressful for other aspects of our homes. One of the most labor-intensive systems in your house is your air conditioning.

Read on to find out the different ways your air conditioner is struggling and why.

Shocking Increases in Your Energy Bills

When the air conditioner is overworked, it gets to a point where it takes more energy than it should to cool the house. This means the system is working harder to regulate temperatures, resulting in more energy usage and higher bills.

This can lead to dissatisfaction with the temperature of your house and further overworking of the system. To help combat this, have your air conditioner serviced every 12 months. Not only will this keep it running optimally, but it also reduces the chance of a shocking increase in energy bills!

Your Air Conditioner Struggles to Cool Your Home

A poorly maintained air conditioner will struggle to do its job due to years of wear and tear. If the filter for the unit is clogged, the air conditioning won’t be able to cool the room efficiently.

A too-small air conditioner is also another common cause of an unreasonably hot home. To minimize the stress on the AC unit, it is important to properly size the air conditioner for the size of the room.

Your Home is Uncomfortably Humid

A clogged air filter can limit the airflow, preventing your air conditioner from cooling the air effectively. Your air conditioner may also be trying to cool the warm air produced by your home’s appliances, such as a dryer, dishwasher, or stove.

Insufficient insulation can also cause your air conditioner to work harder as it attempts to regulate the temperature. By addressing any of these issues, you can greatly reduce the humidity in your home and provide a more comfortable environment.

You Are Wearing Out Your Thermostat Buttons

When it comes to air conditioning, it’s important to make sure that your unit is running properly so that you can avoid costly repairs as well as energy waste. If you notice that your thermostat buttons are wearing out faster than usual, your air conditioner may be overworked.

In extreme temperatures, your air conditioner can be operating for long periods of time, and this can cause the components to overheat and eventually wear out. If the buttons on your thermostat are wearing out, it’s a sign that your air conditioner is being overworked and needs attention.

Your House Has Warm and Cool Spots

It is no surprise that warm and cool spots in your home can be a result of an overworked AC. When your air conditioner runs constantly, it reduces the efficiency of the unit, leading to uneven temperatures.

To help keep these areas at a consistent temperature, make sure the airflow is as even as possible by placing furniture, curtains, appliances, and rugs strategically. Insulate any cracks or crevices in your windows and walls that allow air to escape.

If you’re looking for air conditioner installation, do your research online to find the best for you.

Read More About Overworked Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner can definitely be overworked, whether due to improper setup, extreme temperatures, or one-time use. Make sure to get an energy audit done on your home and AC unit to determine if it is the correct fit.

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