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How Do You Find the Best Air Conditioner? 6 Things to Consider

Air Conditioners have become a necessity in today’s world. Due to climate change, the outside temperature has become extremely hot and humid, which has increased the demand for Air Conditioners. There are diverse ranges of air conditioners available in the market. However, picking out the most appropriate one can be tricky. Hence, in this article, we would provide you with a guide which would help you to find the best air conditioner according to your requirements.

Generally, in the context of households, Windows AC is considered to be a popular choice. As the Window AC price is not that high, it can reach more people. For example, a window AC 1 ton price starts from around 17000. So it is an affordable option among early-career individuals as well. On the other hand, in conference or seminar halls, split AC is preferable due to its high cooling capacity.

To find the best air conditioner, you need to be aware of a few things. These are:

  1. The capacity of the AC: It is crucial to choose the accurate size of AC. If the Air Conditioner is extremely big, it will consume a considerable amount of electricity but will also rapidly cool the room. But in the case of a small-sized air conditioner, it will consume too much electricity and need more time to cool the room. Hence, it would be best if you chose an AC based on the size of the room. For a room that is around 120 square feet, a 1 ton AC should be enough to keep the room’s environment cool and comfortable. Hence, if the square feet of the room is more, it would require a higher tonnage.
  1. Power Consumption: It is important to consider the power consumption of an air conditioner before buying it. In general, the air conditioners with greater stars and better reviews tend to consume less electricity, which is better to consider while buying. 
  1. Price: Air conditioners previously were considered to be a luxury. But in today’s time, it has become more of a necessity product in every household. Hence staying within the budget might be an important consideration while buying an AC. In this context, Windows might be a perfect choice. The window AC price is worth every penny. In general, the cost of 1 ton ACs starts from around 25000 minimum in the case of the majority of the brands. But in the context of Window ac 1-ton price is highly affordable and hence can be bought by the middle-class section as well.
  1. Noise Free- A person would like to have a peaceful environment while staying in her/his room, and the noise of an air conditioner can disrupt the same. In terms of noise, split ACs are preferred by individuals as they don’t make any such noise. In contrast, Window AC makes a lot of noise which can be uncomfortable at times.
  1. Brand Name: While buying something you need to use for a long time, brand name matters. It is always better to go for trusted brand names like LG, Samsung, Hitachi etc. These companies already have a preexisting set of customers and good reviews. Hence relying on the ratings and reviews of established brands is always a good option for buying an AC.
  1. Inverter/ Non-Inverter: Inverter AC is considered more efficient than a normal, non-inverter one. It is considered to be energy efficient, noise-free. The compressor of this type of AC is always on, and hence it consumes less energy. On the other hand, non-inverter AC consumes more energy as the compressor switches on and off several times. Moreover, the inverter AC is durable and sustainable in the long run. 

Conclusion: Hence, now you have a clear idea of what parameters you should keep in mind while buying an air conditioner. If budget is your main issue,      windows might be an option as the windows AC price is relatively low. Specifically, the windows ac 1-ton price is affordable and a suitable option for any household. In the context of cooling capacity, it is always better to buy bigger ACs as they generally have more cooling capacity and consume less energy. 

Going for an inverter AC is a better option for individuals as it is durable and energy-efficient. Also, consider the AC’s power consumption and noise-free character as it would become a pertinent issue in the longer run. Keep in mind the things stated in the guide and choose the perfect AC for you accordingly. 

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