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While browsing through Instagram, you may, at times, really enjoy a video or an image on the platform and might want to have it to your group of collections. Do you know a way or any mechanism to do so? Well, there are some particular techniques for instagram video download online. Nevertheless, you may need to struggle a bit.


In most of the social media platforms, the images and videos people share are not downloadable. It is because downloading online content, especially videos, often puts a lot of additional load on the server and harms lawfulness and privacy. Nevertheless, it is not feasible to download Instagram videos as a default option. Similarly, you cannot download videos on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Still, suppose you want to download a video or an image you like to watch on Instagram and want to have in your collection. In that case, you will need to have an Instagram video download app, or you can also do it through an Instagram video downloader website.

Why do you need Instagram Video Downloader?

Downloading videos from social media platforms sounds great. When it comes to Instagram, you can easily get your favorite videos in your system using an online Instagram Video Downloader. Some online apps and websites allow you to download videos free and are safe to use. Certainly, you can secretly do it without registering and becoming a subscribed member of the site. You only need to enter the preferred Instagram username and login. On the other hand, the Instagram account you want to download the video from should be open to everyone to browse. If the account is privacy protected, you can not download videos.

Why doesn’t Instagram have a default feature for video download?

Well, the answer is – business strategy and privacy. Downloading contents that belong to other users often make the servers so busy that they further increase the costs. Though Instagram is a powerful platform, it is still logical for them to reduce additional expenses. But you don’t need to worry about it since there are various other ways. Through online downloading websites, you can download and save instagram videos in your system, often free of cost.

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Type of websites and applications to use to download Instagram videos

You can get a 3rd party instagram downloader app to get your favorite content from the platform. Most of these applications are paid. However, if you are looking for a free solution, those 3rd party apps may not help.

Additionally, take into account that many applications and websites are claiming to get the feature to download Instagram videos and images. These resources are most often scams and can steal your crucial data. Also, when you download an app for Instagram, you may experience some security issues. However, it is ideal to use an app or a precisely safe website.

Browse online or visit your respective mobile app store. You will find many applications downloaded for instagram videos. Many of them might seem to work with no issues, but often a great deal of them are scams. They can steal your vital information, even bank details, and swindle your money. You can see yourself at risk of using them.

When you can get a free Instagram downloader app, you will not want to spend money. Just get a free application; you may need to allow the app a few permissions. The app may also ask you to be a subscribed member of the program by signing up, providing them with some precise information about you, such as your full name, email address, location, phone number, etc.

Please beware of the apps that ask you to access your phone logs, messages, etc. Whether paid or free, never trust them. That is why it is often recommended to do instagram video download online. Websites are said to be more prompt and safe than apps. Also, websites have no limitations to download.

Is downloading Instagram videos legal?

When you download a video from the Instagram downloader app, the video file will appear in your respective device’s internal memory storage. Get the file and see it as many times as you want. The downloading process will not bring any harm until Instagram does not discover you downloading any video content from the platform. Nevertheless, be very careful. Downloading Instagram videos or photos is not illegal, but it is still good to request approval from the original poster.

How to download Instagram videos?

  1. Login to your Instagram account and copy URL of the video you want to get.
  2. Paste the URL in the input box and click the download button.
  3. The video is saved in your respective device. Copy it in a secured folder to be able to see whenever you want.

These are the most common steps to download Instagram videos. The steps may vary depending on the website or app you use.

Here are some websites you can use to download Instagram videos and photos.


Final words

As tried and tested, using a third party website is an ultimate way to download Instagram videos. You only need to copy and paste the Instagram video link and click the “download” button to get the content. On the other side, an Android and IOS free Instagram downloader app is also the right option, especially if you want to get some videos from your history of watched videos. Whatever option you prefer to use, it is vital to consider safety and data protection first.

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