How to Store Your CBD Gummies Properly

If you’re a fan of THC gummies and want to get more information on preserving their quality, it’s essential to learn from the lessons of CBD gummies. Just like CBD counterparts, THC gummies, even the high-quality ones from Sunday Scaries, require proper storage to avoid issues such as melting, hardening, or degradation. To understand the factors influencing their longevity and potency, explore why CBD gummies demand careful attention and how proper storage methods can keep them intact.

CBD gummies are a fun way to administer cannabidiol. Like any natural product, proper storage is essential. CBD gummies are just like any gummy. Improper storage makes them hard and can degrade their shelf life.

Why Do You Need to Be Careful Storing CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are just like any gummy confectionary. The ingredients of these gummies are CBD, flavorings, sugar, gelatin, or pectin. Even the top rated in the nation can begin to break down under improper storage.

With too much heat, CBD gummies melt. In dry conditions, CBD gummies harden and become brittle because the moisture in them begins to evaporate. Because CBD gummies are more expensive than other types of nutritional supplements, learning how to store them saves wasted money.

What to Consider When Storing CBD Gummies

Storing CBD gummies properly will keep them soft and delicious. They will also remain potent. There are several things you should consider when storing CBD gummies to ensure they retain their natural benefits.


Humidity is a problem for gummies of all types because excess moisture causes gummies to become sticky and begin to break down. High humidity levels will degrade the gummies and reduce their shelf life exponentially.


Moisture is also an issue for CBD gummies. Exposure to moisture will melt the gummies and cause them to begin to grow mold and mildew. Never consume CBD gummies that have become moldy.


Light is a danger to CBD because it causes breakdowns and separation. Direct sunlight exposure will cause your gummies to dry up and become hard. Direct sunlight also causes the product to heat up and separate. Sunlight can also cause mold and bacteria growth.


Temperature matters when it comes to CBD gummies. Temperature extremes can cause destabilization and destroy the gummy product. Decay is also more likely to occur in areas of high heat.

How to Store CBD Gummies

storing CBD gummies

After purchasing a fresh batch of gummies, you need to know how to store them. The following offers insight into how to prevent degeneration, mold, and mildew growth.


The best place to store CBD gummies is in the refrigerator. The inside of a refrigerator is a controlled environment. Refrigerator interiors have low moisture and humidity and cool temperatures. They are also dark. Do not store the gummies in the fridge door opt instead, to store them on one of the shelves towards the bottom.


You can also store CBD gummies in a pantry as long as the internal temperature and moisture levels remain under control. Pantries or cupboards must be dark, dry, and cool. Never store CBD gummies in a cabinet near the stove.

Proper Storage Keeps CBD Gummies Intact

With proper storage, fresh CBD gummies will last one to two weeks. Some can be frozen, but practice caution. If you store them in the pantry or a cabinet, keep in mind that ants and other insects may be attracted. Keep the gummies in an airtight container that blocks out pests. With correct storage, you can enjoy your gummies for weeks.

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