How to Save Money during Your Move

Moving is costly; the preparations, packing, transportation, and such expenses. If you’re not keen, you may end up spending a fortune on your move. Research shows that over 70% of those who move to end up paying more than they’d planned. This is because most of these make plans and have no time to research and even consult experienced professionals.

When moving, all you need to do is ensure you save as much as you can. This article gives you tips you can use to save on your move.

1. Do the packing yourself

Your move should be preplanned, and the more time you have, the better. It’s recommended that you begin preparing some six months or so for your move. That gives you time to get everything in order and pack what you need to pack. You can use your family members or relatives and friends you live with to help you pack. That ensures that you’ve everything ready. The professional movers will always want to exploit you on such services especially packing- do not be surprised if you get a packing quotation of hundreds of dollars. Packing yourself reduces that cost significantly.

2. Utilize what you have to pack

You don’t have to go for bubble wrap when you have kitchen towels, comforters, blankets, clothing, and other soft materials. These you can use to wrap your utensils as you pack. This is a win-win situation where you save the environment on plastic waste, and at the same time, you save money and space.

3. Don’t buy boxes

Buying new boxes is a cost that you can avoid. Instead, you need to walk to the next liquor or food store and find out when they’re likely to get their next supplies. Be there when they are receiving their supplies and get the extra cartons they’d wish to throw to the dustbin. The store owner may even want to sell some used ones to you at a lower cost-you; better go for such than buying new cartons in the market. Both new and recycled cartons will serve the same purpose; thus, you don’t have to spend more on the new ones.

4. Be ready when the mover arrives

Most people will allow the mover to do all the work- picking the items from the rooms, arranging them, and pulling some appliances and furniture. That’s a lot of work which they will charge. On the material day, remove everything from the rooms, and in friendly weather, you can arrange them outside the house so that when the mover comes, they’ll only need to put it in the truck. That will cut your moving cost significantly.

5. Ensure your inventory is accurate

Before you talk to the mover, you need to have an accurate inventory of your items. You must ensure that everything that you want moved is recorded and, where possible, get the weight. Many moving companies will take advantage of your inaccuracies to exploit you.

Moving can be costly, but if you’re careful and do the needful, you may end up saving a lot of money. Do all you can before you call a professional mover like Columbus Movers, and you’ll be surprised how much money you save.

Cheryl Henson

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