How To Create A Community Sports Center

Everyone knows the importance of getting up and moving to get the necessary weekly exercise to remain fit and healthy. However, not everyone has the same opportunities to do this. They might not have the space at home to carry out workouts. They may be unable to afford the high gym prices or have safe places to exercise outside. When a community faces these problems, exercising becomes so challenging that people do not bother. In every area, you will find a group of people facing these problems and more, but there is something that can help combat them: a community sports center. There is demand for centers like this; if you are motivated enough, you can make this a reality. Here is how.

Find A Decent Sized Venue

You first need to find somewhere to base your sports center. The more centralized it is, the better, as more people can access it. It also needs to have plentiful parking nearby and public transport links. You don’t want to build a sports center only to find you’ve created the problem of inaccessibility to the masses. To attract more people, find a space with multiple rooms and an outside area so that you can run several sports programs here at once.

Install Suitable Floor Surfaces

The existing floor of your chosen location is unlikely to be the type you need for running or playing sports. This means one of your first tasks after securing the property is to kit it out with a high-quality running track that is World Athletics certified and assists runners in performing even better. It is also worth investing in proper running tracks outdoors if you have outside space. Running on grass can slow down runners, cause issues for those with allergies, and result in injuries if the runner is not careful. Install the correct type of surfaces in every room of your center, suitable for the sports programs you choose to run here. Remember, some floors will suit several sports, so consider this when installing yours.

Design The Space

You want to make this a space that motivates those who attend, so this means using quotes on the wall, bright colors, and plenty of natural light. Beyond the rooms where the sports take place, you will also need to design a space for a reception area, toilets, and seating areas for spectators (such as parents if you have kids’ sessions). You may even consider installing a café or somewhere for people to eat and drink.

Find Mentors, Trainers & Other Staff

When your center is kitted out and designed, you need to start hiring staff to oversee the building, lead the sports sessions, or be on hand to mentor anyone that needs it. You may benefit from asking for volunteers to manage certain areas of the center, but you will definitely need permanent staff to keep it running smoothly.

Determine A Timetable

Once you’ve hired staff, you have a better idea of the programs you can offer – the only thing left is to organize when these take place. These may run after school or work hours, with a few occurring in the middle of the day or vice versa. If you aren’t sure what times are best for your community, send out a survey to them. At the same time, you can find out which programs they are most looking forward to attending. You can then put on more sessions for the most popular to avoid disappointment.

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